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A Sneak Peek Into Islamic Wedding Ceremonies

Muslim weddings are some of the most beautiful weddings in the world. No doubt all Indian weddings are beautiful, but there are some specific characteristics of Muslim weddings that set them apart from other weddings, for example the Muslim wedding invitations itself are so captivating that everyone falls in love with them. If you have never been to a Muslim Wedding, here is an article by King of Cards India Private Limited that will take you on a beautiful Journey of Muslim wedding.

Pre wedding rituals

Pre-wedding rituals starts with Istikhara, in which the religious heads take permission from Allah to perform the wedding. Next is-‘Mangni’ or Ring ceremony, in which rings are exchanged by bride and groom. After that Manjha ceremony-in which turmeric is applied on bride’s body and Mehendi ceremony is held at bride’s house in which beautiful henna patterns are made on bride’s hands. Traditional songs are sung which make the whole atmosphere magical.

Wedding Rituals

Islamic Wedding rituals are very unique and mark the union of two souls with Allah’s blessings. Here’s a rundown of the wedding rituals:
·         On wedding venue the groom and his family are given a hearty welcome by the members of bride’s family.
·         Mehar-A compulsory amount is given by groom’s family to the bride.
·         After that Maulvi asks the bride and groom three times whether they accept each other as man and wife.
·         After bride and groom’s acceptance a nikahnaama is signed, which is a kind of marriage agreement. After that religious discourse is done which completes wedding ceremony.
When designing Muslim Wedding Cards, it is important to mention details about all these rituals, so that the guests can bless the couple with their presence.

Post wedding rituals

After completion of wedding rituals, bride’s family bids farewell to their lovely daughter-this is also known as Rukhsat ceremony. When the groom arrives at his house with his bride, a grand feast also known as Walima is organized. Everyone gives blessings to the newly married couple and pray for their beautiful married life.
Muslim wedding traditions vary from region to region, just as the choice of wedding invitation cards vary from person to person. For every choice and type of wedding, there are beautiful wedding invitation cards available at King of Cards India Private Limited.

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