Tuesday, 30 June 2015

All You Need To Know About Wedding Invitation Card Printing Techniques

Marriages are a grand affair in India. They are celebrated in various styles, depending on the customs and religious beliefs. Depending on the style of marriage, there are different styles of wedding invitations too; from creative themes to traditional designs; attractive colors to beautiful wordings, there is a huge variety of cards to choose from. Printing style also matters when choosing the wedding invitation cards. If you have no information regarding the printing techniques, used in invitation cards, this article by King of Cards India Private Limited-the leading company for Indian wedding invitation cards will certainly be useful for you.

Embossing : It is a method of printing, where portions of card or text matter are high-lighted and made to stand out with impressions. Emboss can be used along with other printing methods. It is mainly used in monograms, borders and for highlighting important text matter.

Electronic print: In this technique tiny dots in graphic form are used. The effect is the same as the normal printer, but the standard is high. This technique can be used in thin sheets only.

Die cutting: In this technique engraved metallic process is used to create impressed fonts or images. Steel knives are bent into custom shapes and mounted on wood blocks to create a die that cuts paper. This technique can be used for making outstanding invitation cards for marriage.

Foil stamp: In this technique metallic foil, pressure and heat are used to create shiny designs and patterns.

Offset printing: Also known as flat printing, this technique uses printing stamp or tool to print words or images.The final result resembles a digital and standard print.

Laser cutting: A new technique being used in designing invitation cards these days, where each invitation is cut with a computer controlled laser. It can punch out fine details such as religious symbols in Hindu marriage invitation cards or fine paisley designs in Muslim wedding cards.

Thermography: This technique utilizes heat for printing and causes text or graphic to be slightly raised from the substrate.

These were some of the best printing techniques used by leading invitation cards companies like King of Cards India Private Limited. An assortment of printing techniques, card materials and colors are used to deliver the clients the best invitation cards that stand out!

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Wedding Invitation Mistakes You Should Avoid

Wedding Invitation Cards are one of the first things to be decided after wedding date. Members from bride and groom’s family sit together to select the perfect design, color and wordings for wedding invitations.
Although a lot of thought and discussion goes into selecting wedding invites, there are some mistakes that happen sometime and lead to embarrassment. Here are the top wedding cards mistakes to avoid at all cost.

1. Spelling mistakes
Misspelt names can be very annoying, so make sure you are spelling your guests’ names right.  If you are not sure about a person’s name’s spelling, you can call him/her up to confirm the same.
2. Not proof-reading the wedding cards
Before printing the whole set, it is very important to proof read your wedding card. With good online card stores, you can even ask for wedding card sample and proofread the details of the cards before you order the complete set.
3. Not printing some extra cards
Printing few spare wedding cards is a good idea. It can be helpful in case if you forget to include someone in your list. The last moment printing can be inconvenient for you. So, getting few extra cards is always a wise thing to do.
4. Not considering weather before including sweets
You must always consider weather or season before sending sweets in the invitation box. Summers can melt the chocolates and may even damage the card, while the rains can spoil the whole wedding invite. So, consult a card expert before you finally choose a wedding card.
5. Adding all the details in a single card
When you are happy, it’s very easy to get carried away and write things that may not be relevant. Including every little detail would crowd your invitation card, making your card look shabby. So, include only the important details about the wedding and just a few creative lines to add a hint of personal touch. Sometimes even creatively designed simple wedding cards leave a strong impression on the guest, so make sure you choose a good invitation cards company like King of Cards India Private Limited for that perfect wedding invitation.

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Choosing A Designer Wedding Invitation Card-Things To Consider

When wedding fiesta begins, there are a number of things to take care of. One of the most important tasks is choosing the perfect wedding invitation card. After all, it’s a way of announcing your wedding to your dear ones and seek their blessings for a happy married life. However, a very important question that arises is-how to choose a special wedding invitation card?
According to the experts at King of Cards India Private Limited, with changing times, the trend of wedding invitations is also changing and more and more couples are opting for designer wedding cards. By choosing designer wedding cards, you can get the best wedding card designs with the help of designers. Here are some expert tips to get the best wedding cards with the help of wedding card designers.

Set your priorities

Design: It is the most important aspect of any wedding invitation. Experienced card designers will give you beautiful designs, beyond your imagination. Creative designers like King of Cards India, can customize the designs as per the theme of your wedding. You can also browse through readymade designer online wedding cards by visiting King of Cards India Private Limited.
Content: After the design, it’s the content which is of utmost importance. All the important marriage related information should be creatively put in the words. You can also use quotations, holy verses or your personal poetic lines to make your card reflect your style and excitement. Any language that conveys your heartfelt message is good for invitation cards. The color and size of fonts is also very important and special care should be taken to choose them as that’s what makes your card look impressive.
Cost: Many people have a misconception that designer wedding cards are pricey. But, the truth is that the cost of wedding cards depends on their material, quality, style and other factors. King of Cards India Private Limited is a well known company for traditional as well as creative wedding cards in India that offers the best range of designer cards at the lowest ever prices.

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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Muslim Wedding Invitation Cards

Nikaah: From Walis to Walima.

A Nikaah – a Muslim wedding event is comprised of Muslim wedding cards, fun, meticulous decoration, ostentatious fireworks, delectable delicacies and above all, adherence to the prescribed Islamic rituals. It is wonderful to see the beginning of a life long journey of a couple in this manner. But it is not about the couple only. A Muslim wedding is also about two families coming together. This is where the roles of the two ‘Walis’ – the father of the groom and the bride, begin. As the heads of the two families they supervise the whole Nikaah. This is a serious responsibility but for the foodies, the main job of the Walis is to provide a memorable Walima i.e. dinner at the wedding reception.

During a Nikaah, the groom promises to be financially responsible for his wife, protect her from the troubles of the world, and support the family to the best of his ability.  He also promises to pay Mehr – the mandatory wedding monetary gift. On her part, the bride promises to take care of the family & possessions of her husband, and prevent needless expenses. The groom tries to convince the bride about his sincerity and capability as her future husband and the Qazi asks the bride if she is convinced about the promises made by the groom. The bride is free to say she is not convinced. However, if she feels the groom is sincere and capable, she will express her consent by saying “Qubool Hai” 3 times. This may look like a mere formality to the outsider but remains an essential part of the rituals of Nikaah. Once she consents, the Qazi conducts the remaining rituals and declares the bride and the groom as lawfully wedded husband and wife. After this its time for the fun-games, pranks and of course the Walima.

A Nikaah is a significant and exciting affair. It deserves Muslim wedding cards that are appealing, not mundane. To add to the shine of an upcoming Nikaah, contact us about your tastes & desires. We have many kinds of Muslim wedding invitation cards, you can choose any one or we would design something exactly along your needs. You can trust us - we have the expertise in providing custom-made Indian wedding invitation cards for all communities.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Baraat ceremony

Marriages spell the onset of a new life for a couple, a journey that unites two people and binds them together forever. And the start of this journey begins when the bride takes a procession of his cavalry of family members and friends to tie the nuptial knot to his special girl. The baraat ceremony is an event if great pomp and show that accompanies music, dance and brilliant celebration. The invite is already sent out on marriage invitation cards and as the groom surmounts his steed or carriage, he undertakes a journey to begin a new phase in his life.  Baraat is widely acclaimed as the most loved event during a marriage as it give everyone a chance to dress up and dance and revel. 

The procession led by close friends and family is a treat for the eyes and chance to regale in the jubilation, not to mention make the streets as the stage for some dancing. The opulence and extravagance afforded by the ceremony gives it a unique aura that reveals the happiness in bringing two hearts closer. The dancing and the fun continue for hours and as relatives dish out money to express their happiness, you can’t help finding them adorable. The baraat ceremony is also relevant from the bride perspective as the procession gives her enough time to beautify herself for the marriage. When the baraat finally reaches the bride’s place, it marks an auspicious event and the whole repertoire is welcomed by special gestures such as smearing of tilak, offering garlands and treating with delicious refreshments. 

Baraat ceremony is one of a kind Hindu tradition that occupies a big space in Hindu wedding cards. People go for customized tokens for folks invited in the procession that include a bouquet of sweets or small souvenirs. Marriages are all about bringing people closer and spreading the spirit of happiness and it all starts with sending the first wedding invitation card. So go ahead and pick your favourite design of Hindu marriage invitation card from the best ones at king of cards.

Monday, 1 June 2015

A Special Keepsake with Special Wedding Invitation

Gone are the days when wedding invitations were sent along with a box of sweets or chocolates. These days’ couples are going out of their way for not only making their wedding special but also to make their Marriage Invitation Cards memorable. To stand out of the crowd a box of sweets is definitely not enough!
Well, we have simple ideas that suit varied budgets and give that ‘wow’ factor to your wedding invitation. What more, your guests will have a remembrance of your wedding invite with them always. Since Indian Wedding Cards are all about auspicious symbols, it makes sense to present silver items like Diya, Ganesha Idol or kumkum container along with the invitation card. These days ‘save the date’ is trending big time, so a quirky save the date card along with the main wedding invitation card can be given. You can model this card like a calendar, tea coasters, Keychains or put it in a re-usable photo frame!
Sending stoles in traditional colours, wineor perfume minis is also a great way to impress your guests. For your girlfriends, you can customise a basket of bathing accessories or makeup kit which will be treasured by them for sure. In today’s world you can find the vanity case for your guy buddies as well! If you have a theme in mind for the wedding then make sure you send across a gift in tune with the theme.
Pay special attention to package and wrapping of the invite. You can get customised bags with couple’s photograph on it and send the wedding invite in it. Just make sure you use vibrant colours to make the packaging look celebratory. Creating a basket to house Marriage Invitation Cards, sweets, chocolates and small gifts with a handwritten note is a wonderful way to say that you really want the recipients to be there on your special day.