Tuesday, 22 December 2015

The Great Wedding Shopping!

When it comes to shopping, nothing ever compares even closely to the madness and extravagance of shopping for an upcoming wedding. We at KOC help you with shopping for the choicest of designer wedding cards. Our collection conforms to latest trends and we are abreast of the needs of our clients. Whether it is traditional yet ‘statement’ cards like scroll wedding cards or contemporary ones, we have it all on our online portal. Well shopping for a wedding begins with cards and goes on like forever.
It is very important for the bride and grooms to shop smart. Just because the budget is big and so is the occasion it is easy to shop like crazies. However, mindless shopping can actually prove to be a burden later on when you realise half of the things you bought do not really have utility. The first important tip is to shop according to your likes and personality. In your wedding shopping, especially with clothing, do not try to impress all. Some girls like to buy clothes that they can wear easily after their wedding too and there is nothing wrong in it. It is not uncommon to hear young ladies discussing how they have never worn some of the dresses even after four years of marriage! Secondly make sure that you do not overdose on shades of a single colour. We know it is wedding but that does not mean you have only maroons, reds and magentas in your collection.
If you are getting all the dress material stitched then we recommend shopping only two to three months before the wedding. Imagine not fitting into your dress because you have either put on some pounds or lost them! That is one big danger if you shop too early. Shop for your jewellery ones you are done with clothing. This way you will be able to colour co-ordinate all of it. Discounts sound good but make sure the stuff is not sub-standard and do not buy something you were not planning to buy. This impulsive shopping can bloat your budget tremendously. Always take a look at the online shopping portals when choosing stuff, you might be able to land some hefty discounts and get some great ideas for shopping.
Keep these simple tips in mind as you foray into the unending world of bridal shopping. While at it, do order the cards of your choice. If style is your mantra and making a statement your habit, then take a look at our scroll wedding invitations and be mesmerised.

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Wedding Cards-Common Mistakes To Avoid

Hindu weddings are famous for their beautiful traditions. In Hindu weddings the entire family, from the junior most to the senior members are immersed in the preparation for the big day. Some are seen rehearsing their dance moves for the ceremony while the others are found busy with the wedding preparations. In such scenario, some important aspects like the wedding card design can be overlooked. Wedding card is an important element that should be chosen with care; so here are common mistakes to avoid while finalizing your Hindu wedding cards:
Incorporating too many colours in your card
Marriage is one of the most colourful events in a person’s life but incorporating too many colours into the wedding card will make it look very un-classy. Use a colour combination that defines your personal style the best and follow it thoroughly.
Spelling mistakes
Proof read your wedding card before getting the final prints. If you are writing the content for a Hindu wedding invitation card, ask for help from a friend or relative who has a good command over Hindi. Cross check every detail including the address, date, timing, names etc.

Not ordering extra copies
When ordering your wedding cards, make it a point to order a few extra copies as well. Wedding is an occasion which is meant to be celebrated with our loved ones, so you would definitely not want to miss out somebody. Be prepared in advance and order a few extra copies.
Adding too much information in your wedding card
Adding plethora of details will leave your guests confused and the important information may also get missed. Keep it short, simple and precise.
Relying on Postage
Instead of just relying on postage, use other mediums also to inform your guests, like-telephone, text messages, e-mails etc. Courier is also a good option, you have the tracking option available and you know exactly when your card will reach the recipient. Being dependent on postage will bring you in a big jeopardy.

Wedding card mistakes listed above may appear very trivial, but they can lead to big embarrassment. So, avoid embarrassment, take the help of invitation card design experts at King of Cards India Private Limited, or choose the best range of cards from their amazing collection of cards, by visiting them at- https://kingofcards.in/

Choose The Best Colours For Your Wedding

When organising our wedding theme, wedding colours play a very important role. Selecting the right colours that complement the theme of our wedding is not an easy task. To choose the right colours, certain things need to be considered to choose the colour of the wedding, let’s take a look at them one by one, through this article by King of Cards India Private Limited-the premier online store for wedding invitations.

1.   Wedding venue colour
The venue of the wedding plays an important role in setting the mood of the wedding, so the colour of the wedding venue should be in sync with the wedding theme. From flower decorations to the draperies, there are lots of things you can incorporate your colour into. There are certain venues like heritage hotels that don’t allow you to make major changes. In that case you can have the flower colour, wedding invitation colour of your choice. If it’s a Christian wedding in a castle, you can use shades of pastels in your Christian wedding invitation card.

2.   Choose wedding colours based on the season
The season in which the wedding is taking place has a great impact on the colour choice. Springs and summers are ideal time for pretty floral colours, like- lavender, pale pink etc. For winter weddings you can use white and black.

3.   Choose the wedding colour based on formality of the event
Depending on the formality of the wedding, shades could be chosen. Ivory or navy blue are best suited for sophisticated colours for formal weddings; while funky pink are colours for fun weddings. 

4.   Choose a shade that reflects your personality
Everyone has a favourite shade, so you can go ahead and choose a shade that reflects your personal style. If you are hiring a wedding planner, discuss your colour choice much ahead in advance; don’t forget to take your prospective bride and groom along.

5.   Extend the colour to every wedding element:
Extend the wedding colour to every element, be it-wedding card, wedding trousseau, flower, lighting or car.
When perfect colours combine, they will create a magical effect that will leave your guests impressed. For choosing the wedding cards in myriad of colours all you have to do is visit King of Cards India Private Limited. The reputed online card store has the best selection of cards to suit every style of wedding. Whether you need Christian wedding cards or Hindu wedding invitations, you get only the best here.
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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Fun Wedding Transportation Ideas For Your Guests

Indian weddings are all about crazy antics and a lot of fun. Just like the Indian Wedding cards, Indian weddings have a lot of scope to do something amazing, fun and memorable at every ceremony. This time the ushering and transportation of guests caught our attention and we loved the way some ideas can make it loads of fun and frolic. Now Indians believe in “Atithi devo bhava” meaning guests are gods, and guests for a wedding are nothing short of the holy trinity! So making wedding special for them is of utmost importance whether it is their accommodation, food or vehicle.

If you are planning a wedding, do away with boring cars….if you really want to have them then go for vintage. At least a premium transport is sure to evoke some oohs and aahs from the mesmerised guests. Be innovative and opt for horse carriages. Be more innovative and get camel or ox carts, just like in villages! So that your guests are comfortable have mattresses in the cart along with luxurious cushions and bolsters. For the city folks, and ox cart is going to be a delightful experience. 

You can also hire a number of cycles with banners of the couple’s name and wedding. Decorate them with marigolds and super neon colours to add that quirky quotient to them. Let the guests who are willing make it to the main wedding venue by cycle. People hire buses for baraat, you can make it fun with insane messages on bride, groom and wedding. A double decker bus with open carriage is sure to be more popular than the conventional one. How about getting a tractor trailer to usher in your guests? It would definitely be more magnificent than the usual modes!

Weddings are all about getting creative and making heads turn. A lot of things are changing about the weddings in India. Compared to earlier times, weddings are less traditional and have a big fun element in them. There are also better arrangements considering professional services are available in this regard. We at KOC make shopping for Indian wedding invitation cards a lot of fun. Without stepping out of your home, you can buy Indian wedding cards online and what more, everyone in the family gets to join the fun of choosing the best!