Monday, 25 April 2016

Some Simple Wedding Card Designs To Make A Big Impression

Sometimes simple wedding invitations are the best choice, when it comes to choosing your wedding invitation cards online. Today, we have exceptional online wedding cards companies, like King of Cards India that offer exquisite range of simple wedding cards for every theme, which will help you make a big impression. Let’s take a look at some simple wedding card ideas from King of Cards India Private Limited.
Maroon and gold scroll invitation
Maroon and gold scroll invitation cards are the perfect choice for Lagna Patrika or your royal wedding invitation card. They look very elegant with golden print and golden strings and have enough space to accommodate every important detail of your big day. The cards also come with a case to keep the patrika. These ethnic, traditional yet simple wedding cards are perfect for your big day and are sure to impress your guests.

Multi use contemporary invite in blue and simple
Simple, yet classy wedding card, with modern appearance and matte finish is a perfect choice if you don’t want a flashy wedding card for your wedding. The usage of Silver and blue on White background creates an impressive visual appeal. Paired with matching envelope in white with blue border and silver inscription, this card has a beauty of its own. If you want to buy this type of card or any other card of your choice, then visit King of Cards India, which is the best website to buy wedding cards online.
Invitation card with Lord Ganesha’s image
Nothing looks more beautiful than a beautiful image of Lord Ganesha`s face on the front of the card. The image of holy Ganesha, flanked by two mirror images of peculiar floral design is a visual delight. The envelope, with similar image of the God and one flowery design on the opposite diagonal end and bordered by a red strip, is the best choice for a traditional wedding.
Simple invitation card with peacock feather motif
Send peacock wedding invitations to your guests to set the right tone for your wedding. Peacock is a beautiful bird, which is a symbol of beauty, elegance and is associated with Lord Krishna. Beautiful card by King of Cards, with peacock motif and beautiful embellishments is sure to enthral your wedding guests.
Discover classic and timeless wedding invitations at King of Cards India. The stylish invitation cards from King of Cards India, feature tasteful designs and creativity of the designers. Beautiful borders, rich embossing and elegant fonts give them elegance and simplicity that will make your wedding unforgettable! Visit them at-

Beautiful Elements Of Muslim Wedding Cards, You Can Incorporate In Your Wedding Card

Your wedding invitation card is often the first impression your guests will have of the wedding ceremony, so it is important to choose wedding cards that reflect the theme of your wedding. With the online card providers, like-King of Cards India, finding the right style to reflect your wedding is simple. The beauty of Indian wedding cards is that they derive inspiration from various cultures and traditions. In this article by King of Cards India Private Limited, we will read about some beautiful elements of Muslim wedding cards that you can incorporate in your wedding cards.

Rich card Materials
Muslim wedding invitation cards use very rich materials, like velvet, silk, hand crafted papers, khadi papers or glossy papers that lend a royal elegance to their wedding cards. If you are planning to have a royal themed wedding, then choosing the materials that look rich is very important.

Predominance of green
Green is a colour, which is predominantly used in Muslim wedding cards. Other vibrant colours such as golden, red and blue are also used but they are blended with green. If you are planning to have a ‘green’ wedding, then you can use this colour as a base and then use gold or silver for patterns, motifs, content etc.

Attractive paisley designs
A prominent feature of Muslim wedding cards is the paisley patterns. Paisley borders with embellishments look very beautiful and instantly ups the appeal of even a simple wedding card.

Beautiful Calligraphy
Another very remarkable feature of Muslim Wedding cards is the beautiful calligraphy which is derived from the Mughal art. These days, you can find English fonts that are made to look like Muslim Calligraphy. If you are having a royal themed wedding then it’s a good choice for your wedding card.

Muslim wedding invitation cards are revered for their grandeur and elegance all over the world. So, what are you waiting for? Visit King of Cards India Private Limited to get the best intricately designed cards that offer the combination of tradition, art and creativity of the designers.

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Friday, 22 April 2016

Amazing Ideas To Make Your Christian Wedding An Affair To Remember

Although the wedding day is filled with a lot of significant moments, the wedding ceremony is the pinnacle of the entire wedding celebrations. Whether you're planning to have a traditional Christian marriage or a contemporary destination wedding, your wedding ceremony is your chance to express who you are as a couple. You can personalize your Christian wedding cards; add rituals that have significance for you. Here are some amazing wedding ideas to make your Christian wedding unique and beautiful, brought to you by King of Cards India Private Limited.

Include letters from your distant loved ones and weave them into the ceremony
If you have friends and relatives who live abroad, or are unable to make it to your wedding, due to some reason; encourage them to write letters, which can be woven into the ceremony. Send them empty cards along with your Christian wedding invitation cards, on which they will write the notes and send across. The couple and all those attending the wedding will feel enveloped in the blessings sent from across the miles. In this age of information technology, you can even ask them to send recorded video messages.

Create a Wedding Time Capsule
Writing letters isn't just for everyone who can't attend the wedding; so, you can even invite the guests attending your wedding to write you a note that'll be read on your first anniversary. The letters can include well wishes, favourite memories of you two together, or anything good that they have to say about you two as a couple. Pass around a beautiful box during the wedding ceremony for your guests to drop in their notes. Then, seal it up until your anniversary.

Knot tying ceremony
A knot-tying ceremony is similar to the unity ceremony but knot-tying ceremony involves a fisherman’s knot. The couple ties together the knot to form a very strong knot; the knot only gets tighter with pressure and cannot come undone which signifies the strength of a couple’s relationship. It is a very good ritual to include in your wedding, signifying the eternal bond of love between the couple.

These were some unique ideas for an amazing Christian wedding. For more such ideas, or to buy the best wedding cards in India, visit King of Cards India Private Limited at-

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

How To Make The Most Of Your Indian Wedding Card

Weddings are special for every person as it is a onetime affair in everyone’s life. It is a transformation that every person undertakes in his life that changes his life forever. The beauty of marriage lies in the fact that two people commit to each other and promise to be part of happiness and sorrow alike. To convey the good news of marriage one needs Indian marriage invitation card . You can go for elegant scroll wedding cards to broadcast your happy news to family and friends or go for simple cards. You must make sure that the card has elaborate finishes, intricate artwork, and fascinating colour variation that will impress your invited guests.

Invitation card is the first impression you make on your friends and relatives who will share your special day and be part of happiness. The perfect start to your desirable wedding is the perfect Indian wedding card. But where should you venture to choose your dream wedding card when there are so many wedding card boutiques. It is important to choose a wedding card maker that has sufficient experience in the art of card making. This is where King of Cards will come to your rescue. When you approach King of Cards, it has simplified the procedure of selecting the wedding invitation cards by offering you a whole collection of c. King of Cards carefully picked cards. It has a complete range of designs such as contemporary, vintage, ethnic, historical style of Royal invitations, scroll wedding cards, designer wedding cards, and traditional cards and to add to all of these customized cards as well.

The highlight of wedding cards here is the excellence in design and production which is reflected in the quality of the cards. The creative spirit behind every card suggests the hard work of the artisans to craft each card. The unique product range can be attributed to the immense experience in card making and trying different styles of cards. King of Cards has a flexible approach and welcome custom made orders for Indian marriage invitation card. We have an approach that favours customization and thus helps customers get their dream wedding card. At King of Cards, we offer exquisite wedding cards, including our signature collection of designer wedding cards. Our scroll wedding cards and designer wedding invitations are fabulously handcrafted with amazing designs to create a wonderful work of art in every invitation card. These designer cards will impress your wedding guests and be a treasured keepsake for many years to come.You can also order any occasion cards and customize them as per the event. Each card is made using good quality paper and fantastic artistry. You will find care and attention to detail in each and every card design. The highlight of our cards are features like multi-colour overlays, fine paper, and metallic finishes which makes every card unique and a flamboyant piece of artwork.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Let Your Imagination Fly With Scroll Wedding Cards

Scroll wedding cards are also famously known as “Farman” cards which stand for the majestic manner in which a wedding invitation must be sent. To unleash the magic and glory of yester years, similar to the ancient rulers and emperors, you can try scroll wedding invitations at King of Cards. Scroll wedding cards add a regal touch to the marriage celebration, thus giving a revamped definition to marriage ceremonies. Invitations are very important which is why people go for uniqueness in their invitation cards. Matrimonial events are not complete without invitation cards as they offer information regarding the entire marriage ceremonies.
If you are bored of regular wedding cards and desire for something really royal and unique, then going for scroll wedding cards is a great option. These cards would beat the ordinary and bring a fresh dose of charm in your Christian wedding cards.  You can get awesome romantic, modern, vintage, rustic or themed lovey-dovey wallpapers that will remind you of the greatness of marriage. The design elements used in wedding cards are intertwined rings, hearts, lovely messages, champagne toast, oath and vows, pretty bouquets, wedding couple etc. The beauty about wedding cards is that it celebrates the feeling of being together and loving someone

Scroll wedding invitations cards are roll-open cards that have an innate charm and recreate the magic of the bygone era of knights and dames. What’s more, the unique designer wedding cards at King of Cards especially Christian wedding invitation cards for your special day will have design elements chosen and confirmed by you. Turn your dream wedding into reality with our royal scroll invitations. 

The beauty of scroll cards is enhanced from the fact that they were the primary source of communication in the ancient years. The kings and queen sent their messages to and fro with the help of wonderful scrolls. To have a similar theme in the invitations, King of Cards has come up with its own range of scroll cards that will cater to every to be wed person. A wide range of such cards is available on the site with options like different scroll patterns, colour combinations, content style, typography, personal photos etc. In addition to these you can also order for accessories or designer boxes or envelopes for your wedding card. At King of Cards you get a wide variety of scroll wedding cards, so you can place your order here and get it delivered at your doorstep. We use a variety of high quality materials to create an amazing line up of unique scroll wedding cards design so that it impresses your friends and relatives. One thing is for sure that your Christian wedding card would be very creative if you choose the scroll card theme. At King of Cards you are sure to be impressed with the card that you receive in the end. So make your big day special and try the wonderful scroll card.

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Celebrate Your Nikah In Style With The Best Wedding Card Ideas

In every religion, whether it is Hinduism or Islam; Christianity or Sikhism, marriage holds a very sacred place. All efforts are made to make this occasion special. The focus is on creating a beautiful and memorable experience for everyone who is attending the wedding. When it comes to Muslim weddings or Nikah, there are so many things that need to be kept in mind, like selecting the right wedding invitation card. Muslim wedding invitation cards have a unique beauty of their own with, typical features, like-paisley patterns, religious symbols, rich colours etc. Today, there are beautiful Islamic wedding cards available at online stores, like King of Cards India Private Limited that offer the blend of modernity and tradition. Here are some Muslim wedding invitation ideas from King of Cards India that will surely add an extra charm to your wedding.

1. Scroll Wedding Cards:
Scroll type Invitations have been used in the past as well by Mughal Kings and Queens. Now the trend has made a great comeback and is being implemented in Muslim wedding cards as well, adding elegance and royalty to the occasion. There are cards available, made of velvet, handmade & vellum paper that look and feel absolutely royal.
2. Peacock Theme Wedding Cards:
Peacock inspired wedding invitation cards have been in great demand always. At King of Cards India, you will find the best selection of peacock themed Muslim wedding invitations that offer the right touch of grace and elegance. Available in many colours and styles, they are perfect to announce your special day to the world.
3. Paisley Design Wedding Cards:
If you have ever looked closely at Muslim architecture and artefacts, one thing that you will find prominently is-beautiful paisley designs. When used in Muslim wedding cards, paisley patterns look absolutely beautiful. They can be either embossed in the cards or made using various embellishments.
4. Simple wedding cards with embossed poetry
This idea is something which is not very difficult to implement, yet looks absolutely beautiful. You can opt for a simple wedding card in rich colours like royal blue or maroon and then have a beautiful poetry embossed in your wedding card.
When it comes to Wedding Cards, the ideas are unlimited. Just visit King of Cards India Private Limited and find the most amazing collection of wedding cards at the most affordable rates. Visit-

Unique Photo Backgrounds For A Fun Wedding Photo Shoot

If you want to make your wedding photos memorable, then it’s likely that you have already started looking for wedding photo shoot ideas. If you are a couple, who like to do things differently, then here are some fun wedding photo shoot background ideas to make your wedding photographs truly stand out, brought to you by King of Cards India Private Limited-the best online platform to buy invitation cards for all occasions.

Nature inspired
Fern installations, creatively put with a neat backdrop can really create a fun atmosphere. Flowers, like-hydrangeas, bougainvilleas and daisies can be used sparingly to add to the beauty of your background. If you are going to have a nature themed wedding, then it is the perfect photo shoot idea for your wedding.
Wedding card inspired
If you have selected a royal scroll wedding invitation for your wedding, then why not flaunt it and use it as your wedding photoshoot background? You can print and get the exact replica made in large size. It is a perfect photoshoot background, if you are planning to have a traditional style wedding.
Fairy tale lights against a wall
If you have always dreamt of having a fairytale wedding, then it’s a perfect way to bring ‘stars’ to the earth. Fairy lights against a wall look very minimalistic, yet sweet. You can add a few candles or a lamp for a dream setting. It is a simple and affordable way to glam up your wedding photoshoot.
Colourful Umbrellas
Umbrellas in various colours and shapes can be used to create that bollywood style photoshoot. If you are going to have a monsoon wedding then this is the perfect way to create a fun photoshoot background and adhere to the theme.
Use architecture to your advantage
Architecture works beautifully at weddings. You can use the architecture of the church or a palace (if you are having a royal wedding) for an effortlessly beautiful wedding photoshoot.
The ideas are unlimited, when it comes to your wedding. So get creative with your wedding photoshoot and to get the most creative scroll wedding cards and other wedding cards in various designs and styles, visit King of Cards India Private Limited at-