Wednesday, 25 November 2015

All You Need To Know About Save The Date Cards

Indian couples these days, want to try new things in their wedding. From modernizing the existing traditions to adopting new ones, Indian weddings are witnessing many changes. One trend, which is fast picking up with modern Indian couples is of sending out- “save the date” cards. If you are wondering what save the date cards are used for, here’s an informative blog, brought to you by King of Cards India Private Limited-the best company for Christian wedding invitation cards and other wedding invitations.

What is a save the date card?
It is a card sent out to the relatives and friends to inform about your wedding date a few months before the official wedding invitation is sent.
When are save the date cards sent?
When we talk of wedding invitation cards, they are distributed 20-25 days before the wedding. On the other hand, save the date cards are sent months in advance, once the wedding is fixed. If you are going to have a destination wedding, it is a good way to ask your friends and relatives to stay prepared in advance.
Some fun ideas for save the date cards
1. Say it with photographs
You can plan a pre-wedding shoot with your would be husband or wife, and indicate the wedding date in the background during your photo shoot. It is also a great way to introduce your better half to your relatives.
2. Say it with balloons
Send out balloons to your guests which display the message only when they are blown up. Your guests, especially their guests will surely be delighted to receive this surprise.
3. Design your own save the date cards
If you like to express your happiness using your own creativity then hand-made save the date cards will be the best option for you. Just like wedding card designs, plenty of save the date card designs can be found online that you can use for ideas.
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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

How To Keep Your Wedding Preparations Organized?

Wedding planning is a difficult task that involves juggling many tasks at a time. Contacting the vendors, preparing important checklist, selecting a good venue and wedding cards design with price-so many things to plan and do! Timely planning helps to keep the preparation in place, and helps you decide what you need to get going in terms of time and preparations.

Here are some easy tips by King of Cards India Private Limited that will help you to organize your wedding, thus creating a beautiful event that everyone will remember for years.

1.  Start early
Marriage involves managing many tasks. If you want your wedding preparations to go as planned, you need to get on your toes. To avoid last minute rush, it’s always good to start planning for your wedding early. So, start the preparations the day you finalize the date of your wedding.

2.  Prepare your wedding planning time table
Preparing a detailed wedding planning calendar will make sure you complete all your wedding tasks on time. Keeping yourself organized at every step is the best way to ensure you have a stress free wedding.

3.  Keep your important papers arranged
Organize all the vendor contacts and quotations from them in a folder. Make sure every aspect of the wedding, like the decor, food, venue quotations, dress, etc have a distinct folder that will have all the details.

4.  Use internet and make your job easier
In today’s age of internet, there are a lot of things you can find online to make your planning simpler-from wedding planning apps to wedding planning checklist and wedding invitation cards. Some research online is sure to bring out the best results. 

5.  Keep a track of your progress
At the end of every week, asses your wedding preparations. Discuss with your co-wedding planners to make sure everyone’s plans are in sync with each other. This will not just help you stay in track but will also give you the satisfaction of having completed tasks on time.

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Choosing Your Wedding Card According To The Theme

New-age couples are very particular about every element of their wedding. From venue and decoration to invitation cards for marriage; every aspect is personally taken care of. Wedding invitation cards are one of the most important aspects of a wedding. Here in this blog by King of Cards India Private Limited, we are going to discuss how to choose wedding cards according to your wedding theme.

1.   Traditional Wedding:
For traditional weddings, there are many options available of King of Cards India-from two fold cards to scroll wedding cards, there are many options to consider. If you want to do things differently, then a good idea would be to go for a customized wedding invite with photograph of bride & groom on it. If you want your card to stand out, then give a skip to usual colours, like red or cream; try royal blue, turquoise, white and gold instead.

2.   Lavish wedding
To meet the grandeur of a lavish wedding, one needs to choose a card that reflects the mood of the wedding. Indian invitation cards with silver or gold embellishments are a great option to suit the theme. A trend which is fast catching up is sending goodies like sweets, chocolates etc with initials of couples on it.

3.   Royal Theme
Invite your guests in the same way the royals did, by sending regal looking scroll wedding invitation cards in beautiful boxes. You may even accompany your cards with dry fruits or sweets that your guests will absolutely love.

5.    Nature Inspired wedding
If you are planning to organize a nature theme wedding then you need to select the wedding cards accordingly. You can go for paperless invites or choose cards made of handmade paper. There are plenty of Indian marriage invitation cards available at King of Cards India to represent the theme of your wedding in the best possible manner.

Choosing an invitation card is one of the most important aspects of wedding planning. A good wedding card from a reputed online card store like King of Cards India Private Limited will not just give a beautiful start to your wedding but will also reward you by winning you praises from everyone.
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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Informal Engagement Party Made Happening!

Engagement parties are in and they are bigger than ever. We at KOC insist that the engagement invitation cards should also be eye catching and impressive just like the wedding. After all a grand affair deserves a grand invite. In our earlier write ups we have covered various ideas when it comes to a formal engagement party. Now we want to let you in on some tips to have an informal do for your friends. After all formal party is not half as much fun as an informal one!

Even though it is informal, make sure you plan it well. If the weather is conducive then you can have an elaborate lunch party. Winter makes for a great season to have a day time rooftop party. With an informal get together you can quirk up the décor and add loads of fun with games. Keep it cool with a nice themed dressing like pajamas 

 Make it colourful with cocktails and Sangria pitchers. Chilled beer is a must for a day party. Let the menu be different from the usual. Make sure you have a long list of finger food to be served. Introduce Lebanese and Mexican starters reduced to tiny pieces that are easy to eat and do not require fork, spoon and plate! Otherwise what is the point of having an informal engagement party? Have a live barbeque, it not only gives a rustic feel but a great aroma to your surroundings! Tiny burgers, tacos, nachos, shwawarmas also make for great and stylish finger food.

Naughty messages and funny toasts are great conversation starters. They also reveal a little something about the bride and groom. A game with racy questions to be answered in yes and no by the couple is also very popular. With elders not around this game usually goes quite wild! Think of quirky gifts like absolutely improper fridge magnets and such similar momentos as thank you gifts to your friends.
Let your ring ceremony engagement cards create a long lasting impression and give that responsibility to us. We suggest you keep separate sets of cards for your formal do and the informal one. Tell us to customise it and we will. We at KOC have a huge collection of cards for all your occasions, right from wedding to naming ceremony invitation cards. So step into our online portal and be delighted!

Monday, 9 November 2015

Cage It Up!

There are some weddings that become memorable owing to their décor. These unique and sometimes quirky ideas can add that wow factor to a wedding. We at KOC like to do something new with our marriage invitation card collection and as we go along we like to help our readers with small tips and ideas that can make their wedding as impressive as those hindu wedding invitation cards. This time we got ourselves caged and absolutely loved it!

Cages in all shapes and sizes are a huge trend right now. Best thing about them is that they are supremely versatile. You can use them for lighting, centrepieces, bouquets and a lot of such decorations in your wedding. For lighting, big cages can be hung from the trees and ceiling with light beads adorning them. Smaller cages with a small bulb can be placed on bushes and plants. You can have tea light holder for candles in shape of a cage and place them on the table. They look super cute and light up the venue like fairytale, and who does not want a fairytale wedding!

Using cages for flower formations is also a great idea. Just use a huge one as the centrepiece and put a big bouquet in it and decorate it with lights. Similarly these cages can be used instead of planters around the venue. They can adorn the pathway towards the stage where couples receive guests. You can also create photo booths with cages strewn around the frames or hanging at the corners. Basically cages can create an awesome theme for the wedding and as we just showed that there are a numerous ways in which you can include them in your wedding décor.

Make your wedding a special affair and begin it with your KOC hindu marriage invitation card. We customise the cards as per your wish and deliver them to your doorstep. Our in-house printing unit ensures that each card that is produced here is a masterpiece in itself reflecting premium quality!