Thursday, 24 September 2015

The Essence Of Islamic Weddings-Islamic Wedding Cards

Muslim weddings are based on various religious ethics laid by the holy Quran.  Marriage is considered an auspicious affair, symbolizing mutual agreement between two families. Like all other marriages, one of the most important aspects of Islamic weddings is the ‘Muslim wedding cards’ that have their own unique features. Let’s take a look at those features, brought to you by King of Cards India Private Limited-the leading online company for the best invitation cards.

In Islam, the wedding ceremony is known as ‘Nikah’, which consists of many interesting sub events, like-Imam-e-Zamin, mehandi ki raat and Mahr and many more. While planning an Islamic wedding celebration, the first step is the selection of wedding card designs, which matches your theme and style. Here are some important features of Muslim wedding cards.
·         A distinct feature of Islamic wedding cards is the use of Islamic symbols. Muslim sacred symbol or quotes are printed on top of the cards.
·         Traditional Islamic designs, like paisley, intricate floral designs, with high quality printing are preferred.
·         Rich looking cards with vibrant colours, textures and typography are preferred for Muslim weddings.
·         Invitation should be traditional with a modern touch.
·         Lavishness and richness of the Muslim culture is gracefully crafted on the marriage cards.
Where to buy the best Muslim wedding invitation cards?
King of Cards India Private Limited offers the best range of Muslim wedding cards that range from stylish ones to the traditional ones. They understand the essence of Islamic wedding cards is their traditional symbols and patterns; hence even when designing modern cards, the traditional design aspects are implemented, giving the customers beautiful card that reflect their happiness in the most special way!
Their Muslim wedding Invitation cards are distinctive in design, textures and have unmatched quality which is achieved by using only the best quality materials. They also have some best quality invitation cards based on the latest trends which have become popular in the recent times. They understand that choosing the invitation cards can be a daunting task, so their customer support team assists you in every possible manner, to find the best wedding invitation cards in your budget!
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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

The Journey Of Indian Wedding Cards

Wedding invitation cards have undergone many changes from medieval to contemporary period.  The transition has been really very interesting. How the trend of wedding cards started, how people use to send invitations earlier, how the earlier cards were made-are some interesting questions the answers of which we all would love to know. So, here is the interesting journey of wedding cards, brought to you by King of Cards India Private Limited-the leading wedding cards manufacturer in India.
Oral invitations

Earlier wedding invitations were communicated in loud voice, by the royal family’s communicator to give information to all the people to attend the royal wedding celebration. The reason why wedding invitations were not sent out in written was due to the lack of reading and writing knowledge among people.
Earliest form of written invitations
Then as the time passed wedding invitations were engraved in caves and they were normally in verbal or written form. Invitations were generally written for king’s son or daughter’s marriage, which used to be a grand affair and the whole community used to be a part of it. Everyone from the area attended the grand, royal celebrations.
Improved form of invitations
As the knowledge of reading and writing became more developed and the human society became more civilized, the face of wedding cards changed. The priests, who had beautiful handwriting used to write wedding invitation cards for the royal family, inviting people to the grand celebration. Whether it was Christian wedding invitation cards or Hindu wedding cards, in all religions it was the priest/monk who wrote the wedding invitations.
Origin of envelops
The earlier forms of invitation cards were sent on horseback, no matter what the weather conditions. This gave rise to the need for outer envelope. This outer envelope kept the invitation safe.

The invitation has made it a long distance since the time they were written on caves. These days, you don’t even have to go to a physical shop to buy a wedding card. Whether you want a wedding card for a Hindu wedding, or a Christian wedding card, the wide collection of cards at online card stores, such as King of Cards India Private Limited give ample options to you to choose the perfect invitation cards to make your celebrations memorable.
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Important Invitation Card Questions To Help You Buy The Perfect Card For Your Wedding

Choosing the right wedding invitation card can be a daunting task. The soon to be married couples have many questions in mind regarding their wedding cards, so King of Cards India Private Limited-the wedding card experts have compiled a list of important questions that can help you choose the perfect card for your wedding.

What is the importance of selecting a good invitation card?
Your wedding invitation is not just a piece of stationary; it is a medium through which you let your dear ones know about your marriage and request them to be a part of your wedding celebrations.  So, it is very important that it should make a positive first impression on the guests.

When to send the invites?
There is no fixed rule to send the invites; but, you can send the invite three to four months before the big date. It will give guests plenty of time to free up there schedule and make travel arrangements.

Where to buy the invites?
You can either buy your wedding invitation card from a reputed online invitation card store like-King of Cards India Private Limited or from a physical card store in your city. The advantage of buying invitation cards from an online card store is that you get a huge variety here. Whether you want handmade wedding cards, or designer scroll wedding cards, you get them all here at attractive prices. No need to go to a physical shop in the scorching heat, just visit and discover the most convenient way of buying the best invitation cards.

Is it possible to customize your wedding invites when buying them online?
Reputed online stores like King of Cards, allow you to customize your wedding cards to suit your style and needs. From the color of the wedding card to the font, everything can be customized, to get the most creative wedding cards for your special day.

Your invites are one of the most crucial elements in your day. Use these tips to select the best wedding invitation cards, or simply visit King of Cards India Private Limited for the best wedding invitation cards, which will make your wedding an affair to remember!

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Friday, 4 September 2015

Fun Ideas For A Muslim Wedding

The Muslim clan follows its religious principles as a guide to their lifestyle and conduct. Therefore it is all but natural that their wedding ceremonies also follow a strict set of rules and these rules are referred to as “halaal”. A typical Muslim Wedding invitation must desist the use of motifs related to animals or human beings. Similarly the wedding as stated by Prophet Muhammad should be simple and devoid of any excesses.

However, there is no reason why a fun element should not be added to the wedding celebrations within the lines of religious practices. Traditionally in a Muslim wedding, ladies and men sit separately. It is advisable to hire two adjacent halls with separate entrances to ensure this. This way both men and women can enjoy their own space without any constraint. Engage a witty speaker who imparts useful advice to the couple for their future but with load of humour which will amuse the guests and keep them engaged. Ask the guests to write funny messages for the couple and read them out ones all are collected. This sure would be a great way of spending the evening. These notes would also make for a great wedding souvenir for the couple.
Introducing bride and the groom through light hearted presentation by including their funny pictures over the years is also a good idea. Of course as far as the introduction of bride is concerned, it should be reserved only for the women’s gathering. These simple ideas help in breaking the ice and making the evening memorable for the couple, their parents and guests.

We at KOC keep the norms of a Muslim wedding and its rituals in sight when creating Muslim Wedding Cards. The colours and patterns are used keeping in view the preference and tastes of the community- the knowledge of which we have gained through years of experience. Do visit our online store and take a look at the vast array of Shadi cards that KOC has on offer. Contact our customer care if you may please or order for samples to get the real feel of the card. We promise you the highest standards at the lowest price for all our products!