Friday, 26 February 2016

Unique Ideas For A Truly Special Wedding

Wedding is probably the biggest event of a person’s life. No matter what the religion, they are always celebrated with lots of fun and excitement. Indian weddings are full of fun and festivities, just like every wedding, but their unique customs and traditions make them very special. If you are going to have a wedding soon, King of Cards India-the leading provider of wedding cards online in India, presents to you few brilliant ideas that will illuminate your marriage and make it truly special for you and your guests.

1. Decide your wedding theme in advance
Deciding a wedding theme is the best way to start your wedding preparations. If you have a clear idea of your wedding theme, you can make your wedding look creatively unique. You can use special colour schemes, visual elements or anything that can add your personal touch to your wedding. Possibilities are unlimited, just decide what you want or discuss your ideas with a professional. For example, if you want a particular theme for your wedding card, then you can discuss various wedding card designs with the experts at King of Cards India. You will be surprised with the choices you have there.

2. Set a surprise game
You can plan a surprise game during your wedding. For example, you can have a game that involves couple dance; or a karaoke competition to keep you guests busy and make them feel involved.

3. Have picnic style seating instead of tables and chairs
If your are planning to have a outdoor wedding and there is enough space at the wedding venue, you can arrange for a picnic style seating instead of formal seating arrangement. It will give your guests ‘pickniky’ feeling and make your wedding more enjoyable for them.

4. Photo booths.
You can set photo capturing booths where your guests will leave their photos with special messages for you that will become a valuable part of your wedding album. Interesting; isn’t it?

5. Glittering arrows to direct guests.
Place sparkling arrow signs on way to exact location of wedding, directing your guests from here to there. This is sure to make your guests happy and your wedding venue beautiful.

Don’t forget to choose an equally unique wedding card to go with your theme. For the best selection of wedding cards, whether Hindu wedding card, Muslim wedding card or Christian wedding card, always trust King of Cards India Private Limited-the leading provider of wedding card online.
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Designer Wedding Cards Or Plain Traditional?

Design is an important element of every wedding card. Though, the wedding cards serve the purpose of inviting your guests and letting them know the important details regarding the wedding, the design definitely plays an important role in setting the theme and tone of your wedding. While these days, you can easily find traditional Hindu wedding invitation cards in various designs and themes, many couples are going for designer wedding cards. Though, the choice of wedding cards is definitely influenced by the personal taste and wedding theme, many couples find it very confusing. To make the choice easier, here is an informative article, brought to you by King of Cards India-the leading online wedding cards provider.

Find a designer card that combines traditional elements
While there are many designer cards available in physical and online cards store, finding a truly original and innovative design should be your priority. Find a creative wedding card that combines contemporary designs with traditional elements. For example, when selecting a Hindu marriage invitation card, you can opt for a card that uses contemporary colour combinations like-silver and yellow, and has Hindu symbols like ‘swastika’ or ‘om’ on it. You may even experiment with wedding card shape and other design elements.

Consider the paper stock
After you have chosen the design, consider the paper stock. It will serve as a nice quality base for your wedding invitations and will bring out the design in a beautiful form. For traditional scroll wedding cards you can even consider elegant materials like velvet or silk. 

Why modern couples prefer designer wedding cards?
It makes your guests feel special. Your specially designed marriage invitation card signifies that your guests are really important to you. It has to be extraordinary to respect the magnitude of the event. An innovatively designed wedding card will make your guests excited about your wedding.

Where to find the best designer wedding cards?
When it comes to choosing your wedding cards, always choose someone who has a variety of designs with quality workmanship. King of Cards India is the one stop solution for all your wedding cards needs. From royal scroll Hindu wedding cards to designer wedding cards; traditional Muslim wedding cards to handmade wedding invitations; you get the best wedding cards designs and themes to make your wedding an affair to remember.

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Friday, 19 February 2016

Why Send Wedding Invitation Cards Instead Of E-Mails?

Internet has affected every aspect of our lives; be it education, shopping or wedding planning, internet has touched every aspect of our lives. It has also revolutionized the way greetings and meetings are conducted. Though there are many advantages of doing things just at the click of the mouse, there are still certain things which look better with a personal touch, like wedding invitation cards. In this blog we will discuss why sending wedding invitation cards is a better idea than sending e-mail invitations, brought to you by King of Cards India Private Limited-the premium online store for Indian wedding invitation cards.

Wedding is a very special occasion
While sending an e-mail or message in your circle may seem like a convenient and affordable option, but sending an electronic wedding invitation is absolutely not acceptable. It can definitely serve your purpose if you are organizing an informal get together, but not for your wedding. Wedding is an occasion, which will always remain very close to your heart; it’s a very special occasion. So, it should be celebrated by sending personally selected wedding invitation cards. If you do want to enjoy the convenience of internet with your wedding planning, consider buying the wedding cards online from reputed online invitation cards stores, like-King of Cards India Private Limited.

Best invitation cards for every budget
Even if you are organizing your wedding on a shoe string budget, sending an electronic wedding invitation is not a good idea as it will ruin the charm and importance of the occasion. These days, leading wedding cards store, like King of Cards India offers some of the best designs on their website, which are within everyone’s reach. With options like free doorstep delivery and discounts, you are sure to find the best deals.

Make your guests feel special
Any wedding is incomplete without the guests, so they need to be made feel special in the invitation they get from your side. Your personally selected wedding invitation card sets the tone and mood for your wedding and is a good way to remind your guests that they are special to you.
King of Cards India Private Limited, the premier online wedding cards provider can help you choose the most special wedding invitations. Remember, that there is nothing more important than a beautifully crafted invitation; visit King of Cards India at- and find the most exclusive range of wedding cards online.

Monday, 15 February 2016

Interesting Rituals In Indian Marriages

An Indian Hindu wedding follows the cultural and ancient rituals that were penned own in the Vedas. The reason that the Hindu wedding is based on principles found in ancient scriptures is because they are considered to be the repository of wisdom and an important event such as marriage must have substantial foundation to its roots. Since marriage is called the meeting of two hearts as well as two families, it is important that people understand its cultural significance. Therefore, there are a number of traditions and customs that can be tagged to the Indian Hindu wedding ceremony. These traditions are the essence of the marital bond, hence strengthening the significance, fidelity and faith in the relationship of two individuals. The complexity of an Indian Hindu marriage mainly stems from the many rituals performed basing on the Vedic practices and hymns. 

Kanyadaan is one such ritual in a Hindu wedding ceremony that makes it vital in any wedding as it marks the transition of parents. It marks the change of how a man evolves from being father of the bride to being the one who gives away his daughter to other family. This is the moment when his beloved daughter becomes the wife of another man. Kanyadaan is performed by the bride’s father on the wedding day during the mandap ceremony. If the father’s bride is not present in the ceremony then the Kanyadaan is done by an elderly relative or any important member of the family. As per the rituals, the bride’s father entrusts the right hand of the bride to the right hand of the groom, thus signifying trust and commitment. Post this, gangajal or holy water is used to sanctify this ritual amidst the Vedic hymns recited by the priest. 

In this ritual, the father gives her daughter as a gift to the groom and since the groom is considered a form of Lord Vishnu, the father considers it an honour for the parents of the bride. As a symbol of acceptance, the groom touches the right shoulder of the bride, promising to take care of her and accepting her as his better half. Kanyadaan is a beautiful ritual that reinforces the idea of love and selfless relationships.
If you are about to be wed anytime soon and planning to send wedding invitation cards soon, then you can visit King of cards. For any type of Indian wedding invitations, you will get the best options and amazing designs that will definitely impress you. With wedding cards available online in India, King of Cards will help you zero in on the best card as per your budget.

Monday, 8 February 2016

Marriage Invitation Cards

You know love is in the air when Valentine's Day is just a few days away. The lovey-dovey time of the year when people feel the romance and the warmth that the day brings makes a lot of young hearts flutter. Life seems beautiful with romance in the surroundings which infatuates the lovelorn couples. With such onrush of felicity in the environment, people tend to get romantic and wish to cherish the feeling of having someone special in their lives. And that brings people to the most important decision of their lives; to get married. Every year we witness thousands of people saving Valentine’s Day as the day they want to tie the knot.  

However, if your wedding date is not in the month of February, you don’t have to lose heart as you can always resort to planning your wedding on the Valentine wedding theme. So, for all those who are getting married on 14th Feb and those who are not, valentine theme is the perfect way to celebrate the festival of love on your D day, with your twin flame. Since Valentine’s Day is all about love make sure that your d├ęcor reflects everything love stands for.   Choose the colour theme in either red or pink. Fuchsia pink has of late reined the trends and since it complements both gold and silver, you can pick this beauty instead. For upholstery, pick heart shaped couches and Rose petal shaped cushions and for the wedding flowers go for red, pink and white roses. You can dress up your escorts either as cupids or if you go for pink or red attire. For a cordial welcome, greet the guests with a red rose, chocolates and red wine. For a plusher look order a chocolate fountain. Of all the things, the food should not lack behind and must contain aphrodisiac dishes. The table can be decorated with candles, flowers and love symbols. 


The most important thing in planning a Valentine’s Day themed marriage is the wedding invitation card. You can’t go wrong with this quintessential wedding ritual. Make sure that your marriage invitation card adheres to theme and has intimated the guest regarding your theme. King of cards has an awesome collection of theme based cards which are not only boast of great design but have also come in awesome quality. So you can be sure that your prized Valentine’s Day themed wedding card would be preserved by people for ages. You can order customizations according to your wishes and also add your photos along. There is also the option of sending Valentine goodies along with the Indian wedding cards. So you can be sure that your Valentine themed marriage would be a love filled one.