Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Celebrate Your Nikah In Style With The Best Wedding Card Ideas

In every religion, whether it is Hinduism or Islam; Christianity or Sikhism, marriage holds a very sacred place. All efforts are made to make this occasion special. The focus is on creating a beautiful and memorable experience for everyone who is attending the wedding. When it comes to Muslim weddings or Nikah, there are so many things that need to be kept in mind, like selecting the right wedding invitation card. Muslim wedding invitation cards have a unique beauty of their own with, typical features, like-paisley patterns, religious symbols, rich colours etc. Today, there are beautiful Islamic wedding cards available at online stores, like King of Cards India Private Limited that offer the blend of modernity and tradition. Here are some Muslim wedding invitation ideas from King of Cards India that will surely add an extra charm to your wedding.

1. Scroll Wedding Cards:
Scroll type Invitations have been used in the past as well by Mughal Kings and Queens. Now the trend has made a great comeback and is being implemented in Muslim wedding cards as well, adding elegance and royalty to the occasion. There are cards available, made of velvet, handmade & vellum paper that look and feel absolutely royal.
2. Peacock Theme Wedding Cards:
Peacock inspired wedding invitation cards have been in great demand always. At King of Cards India, you will find the best selection of peacock themed Muslim wedding invitations that offer the right touch of grace and elegance. Available in many colours and styles, they are perfect to announce your special day to the world.
3. Paisley Design Wedding Cards:
If you have ever looked closely at Muslim architecture and artefacts, one thing that you will find prominently is-beautiful paisley designs. When used in Muslim wedding cards, paisley patterns look absolutely beautiful. They can be either embossed in the cards or made using various embellishments.
4. Simple wedding cards with embossed poetry
This idea is something which is not very difficult to implement, yet looks absolutely beautiful. You can opt for a simple wedding card in rich colours like royal blue or maroon and then have a beautiful poetry embossed in your wedding card.
When it comes to Wedding Cards, the ideas are unlimited. Just visit King of Cards India Private Limited and find the most amazing collection of wedding cards at the most affordable rates. Visit- https://kingofcards.in/

Unique Photo Backgrounds For A Fun Wedding Photo Shoot

If you want to make your wedding photos memorable, then it’s likely that you have already started looking for wedding photo shoot ideas. If you are a couple, who like to do things differently, then here are some fun wedding photo shoot background ideas to make your wedding photographs truly stand out, brought to you by King of Cards India Private Limited-the best online platform to buy invitation cards for all occasions.

Nature inspired
Fern installations, creatively put with a neat backdrop can really create a fun atmosphere. Flowers, like-hydrangeas, bougainvilleas and daisies can be used sparingly to add to the beauty of your background. If you are going to have a nature themed wedding, then it is the perfect photo shoot idea for your wedding.
Wedding card inspired
If you have selected a royal scroll wedding invitation for your wedding, then why not flaunt it and use it as your wedding photoshoot background? You can print and get the exact replica made in large size. It is a perfect photoshoot background, if you are planning to have a traditional style wedding.
Fairy tale lights against a wall
If you have always dreamt of having a fairytale wedding, then it’s a perfect way to bring ‘stars’ to the earth. Fairy lights against a wall look very minimalistic, yet sweet. You can add a few candles or a lamp for a dream setting. It is a simple and affordable way to glam up your wedding photoshoot.
Colourful Umbrellas
Umbrellas in various colours and shapes can be used to create that bollywood style photoshoot. If you are going to have a monsoon wedding then this is the perfect way to create a fun photoshoot background and adhere to the theme.
Use architecture to your advantage
Architecture works beautifully at weddings. You can use the architecture of the church or a palace (if you are having a royal wedding) for an effortlessly beautiful wedding photoshoot.
The ideas are unlimited, when it comes to your wedding. So get creative with your wedding photoshoot and to get the most creative scroll wedding cards and other wedding cards in various designs and styles, visit King of Cards India Private Limited at-https://kingofcards.in/

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Top Questions Regarding Destination Wedding Etiquettes

Times have changed. Today, there is no pressure on bride & groom to follow long traditional wedding customs. It’s their special day, so they are given complete freedom to celebrate it as they want. Whether, they want to tie the knot on the beach or wish to have a royal wedding in a palace, the entire decision is theirs. If you too are fascinated by the idea of destination wedding, there are some destination wedding etiquettes that you should be familiar with. Here are some questions regarding destination wedding etiquettes, brought to you by King of Cards India Private Limited-the best online wedding cards company.

Q.1    Who to send the wedding invitation?
Ans.   As a general rule, wedding invitation should be only sent to guests who are sure to attend your wedding ceremony. Travel cost is a big factor in destination nuptial, so be sure to ask your guests about their plans. Experts suggest that the wedding destination should always be chosen keeping everyone’s convenience in mind, after all, such a beautiful occasion cannot be enjoyed alone.

Q.2    How to ensure no one is left out?
Ans.   If you don’t want anyone to be left out then the best thing to do would be to hold a grand reception in your city. Invite everyone and make everyone feel special. You can find the best selection of reception; ring ceremony and wedding cards online that will make everyone feel special.

Q.3 Do bride & groom needs to contribute to wedding expense of guests?
Ans.   While, there is no obligation on bride and groom to bear the expenses of wedding guests, but if there is a close family member who cannot afford the expenses then it would be a great gesture to sponsor their trip. This will bring a smile on their face and earn the bride and groom lots of blessings.

Q.4   How to buy wedding cards for destination wedding?
Ans.  If you have decided to celebrate your wedding differently then why should your wedding card be boring? You can buy wedding cards online at King of Cards India and find the best selection of designer wedding cards to suit the theme of your wedding.

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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

What Makes A Designer Wedding Card So Attractive

There is a reason why designer wedding cards have become so popular in the recent times and the reason is simple-they are beautiful. When it comes to Indian weddings, people want to do something really special with their wedding cards. And the obvious solution to this common desire is designer wedding cards . These wedding invitation cards promise you the opulence and beauty that you also dreamed of in your wedding card. It is true that marriage is a onetime affair and it is definitely worth every investment put into it. So why not go for a wedding card that is bang on the design and the artistry. With the help of designer wedding card you can have a card that is one of a kind and features a unique concept or theme. A wedding card boutique will help you understand the things that make a wedding card super attractive. 

The sight of a designer wedding card is itself enough to make you feel that it is worth the investment. But that would only happen if you choose wedding card designs that would appeal to your taste. There are several talented designs artists who would customize your wedding card as per your desires. They can also accessorize with some really attractive trinkets that would make your wedding card one of a kind. The perfect image of a wedding has all the right elements in it such as the quality of the paper, the theme, the colour variation, the silhouette of the card, the content and the packaging. This is the beauty of designer wedding cards that they would be spot on all these basic requirements. Besides, it would also invite compliments from your relatives who would cherish the beautiful wedding card for years. 

You can safely put your bets on King of Cards for their collections are truly a class apart and sticks to the trends by having an eclectic influence in its making. Desi trends keep evolving and King of Cards understands this without a shadow of a doubt. They keep on including new designs it in their wonderful panoply of wedding card designs. The designer wedding cards they craft charms instantly and talk of opulence and grandeur. Not only that, they also have contemporary wedding card designs and they put it into one extravagant display of brilliance. They are also into online wedding cards that give you the liberty to buy wedding cards online from this amazing wedding card boutique. So if you are going to tie the knot soon, you can give designer weddingcards a try. Rest assured it would be worth the shot.