Thursday, 27 August 2015

Best Props To Add Fun To Your Wedding Photo Shoot

In this age of Facebook and instagram, getting interesting photographs has become more important than ever. To get beautiful photographs, it is very important to use a suitable background and use interesting props. If you are looking for interesting prop ideas, then here are some amazing tips, brought to you by King of Cards India Private Limited-the best company for wedding cards in India.

Use beautiful frames during photo shoot
Buy beautiful frames in various designs and colours and then use them get interesting wedding photographs. You may even decorate your frames with flowers and other interesting things to add more beauty to your photograph.

Use furniture as props
Use interesting furniture as props for your wedding photo shoot. For example, if you want a classy look for your wedding then you can use royal vintage furniture as a prop to create a royal atmosphere. Make sure to use beautiful throws and cushions too.

Use a giant wedding invitation card as your backdrop
Use a giant replica of your wedding invitation card as your backdrop. Your backdrop should tell a story and what better way to express your happiness and story than your own wedding’s invitation card!

Vehicle props for a quirky photo shoot
You can use a vintage car, scooter, or even a rickshaw painted in beautiful colours as a prop for your photo shoot. To add romantic feel to your picture, don’t forget to decorate your vehicle with flowers or heart shaped balloons.

Neon lights
If you want your photographs to stand out, then you can have neon lights in your backdrop. It looks very dramatic and will make your wedding pictures really special.

These were some fun and dramatic ideas to make your wedding pictures ‘wow-worthy’! For more such wedding ideas or to get the best wedding cards online, visit King of Cards India Private Limited.
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Creative Ways To Organize Your Wedding In Budget

Organizing and planning events in budget is an art which comes naturally to some people, while others may need some assistance and ideas to keep budget under control and prioritize things. Here is an interesting blog by King of Cards India Private Limited-the best company for traditional and designer wedding cards, to keep your wedding budget under control, while still making it look like a gala event.

Keep your wedding timeline short
It has become a general trend to keep one year gap between engagement and marriage. If you organize engagement ceremony and marriage ceremony on close dates then you will be able to save money on invitation cards as you won’t have to buy separate engagement invitation cards and marriage invitation cards. You can have just one invitation card for both the ceremonies.

Choose a local venue
When you choose a local venue, you can save a lot of money on hotel accommodation and transportation. Since, most of the guests will be local, it will be convenient for them too and you will also have to spend less time on making arrangements for your guests.

Use your marriage as a reason to do something good
Instead of buying wedding favours from expensive shops, you can buy them from NGOs and do your bit for the society. There are a lot of items that you can choose as your wedding favour, like-jams, handcrafted items, bangles or chocolates. This way you will not just save a good amount of money, but will also earn blessings for your happy married life.

Buy your wedding cards online
Buying wedding cards or your ring ceremony invitation cards online from renowned cards companies like King of Cards India Private Limited helps you save money in the following ways:
·         You get cards at the lowest rates.
·         You save money on transportation
·         You get your cards delivered for free, which means more saving

Use the services of your talented friends
If you have a friend who has interest in photography or a friend who is good with event planning, you can use their services to cut the expenses and make them feel involved.
These were some creative ideas to help your folks save major bucks on their wedding arrangements. For more such tips, or to get the best wedding cards online visit King of Cards India Private Limited at-

Wedding Card Guide To Help You Choose The Best Printing Technique

There was a time when choosing wedding card simply meant going to a wedding card shop and choosing from the traditional designs, available with the dealer; but now times haves changed. Wedding card industry has seen many changes with new ideas, new technology and new influences.
So, here is an informative guide on choosing the best printing technique for your marriage invitation card, brought to you by King of Cards India Private Limited.

Digital Printing technique
In this technique tiny dots are used to create images and text. This is a simple printing technique that can be used on thin paper.

It is like a fancy paper cutter, which can be used to cut paper into any shape that you desire. Intricate designs can be made using this technique.

If you want your card to look classy and want to add royal elements in your card, then this printing technique is definitely for you. The images and texts created by this printing technique have a raised appearance and it really makes a text or pattern stand out. When you visit King of Cards India Private Limited for your marriage cards, you will see a wide selection of cards with beautiful embossing on it. If you want a specific element to stand out in your card, you can use this technique.

While embossing gives a raised appearance to the letters, Letterpress printing technique sinks them into paper, in a way that letter becomes imprinted.

Foil Stamping
In this technique a copper plate presses any design you want on your wedding card. Gold, silver or any other metallic foil can be used to create designs.

Choosing your wedding cards can be fun, if you equip yourself with some basic knowledge about cards. For more such articles on wedding cards, or to get the best Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, or Christian wedding cards online, visit King of Cards India Private Limited-the number one online card store at-

Monday, 17 August 2015

Welcoming The Bride Into Her New Home- Grihapravesh

A Hindu wedding may last only for a few hours but the pre-wedding and post-wedding ceremonies last for days together. Of course all these rituals hold special importance and are followed to the hilt. There is one notable custom called “Grihapravesh” where bride is welcomed into her new home. In fact one can find the mention of this ceremony in bridegroom’s Indian Marriage Invitation card. It usually is a grand ceremony as the baraat returns home with the newly wedded couple.

In the Hindu culture, bride is considered to be the embodiment of goddess Lakshmi. Her welcome and first step into her husband’s household is celebrated with a number of rituals and ceremonies. Different regions have different ways to welcome the goddess of wealth and prosperity in their homes and the glimpses of this ceremony are being given right here.

Mother of the groom welcomes the couple as she performs aarti with diyas, kumkum, sweets and rice as they stand at the door. She applies kumkumtika on bride and groom’s forehead. A kalash full of rice is placed at the entrance which the bride pushes with toes of her right foot. Rice thus gets strewn into the house which is considered auspicious and symbolises that prosperity has entered the house. In many cultures, a big vessel with kumkum paste is placed at the door. The bride steps into the paste and then walks into the house leaving the red impression of her feet trailing on the floor. In some cultures, she also smears her hands with kumkum paste and then presses them around the walls in the house creating impressions of her palms.
There are small nuances associated with this ceremony. For e.g. the bride must enter the house by placing her right foot inside first.  In some states, bride is required to utter her husband’s name while entering her in-law’s home. Just like the wedding ceremony an auspicious time is taken out for this ceremony as well. In many homes Grihapravesh is closely followed by MoohDikhayi. This ceremony used to be very important in olden days as no one would have seen the bride until then. In this ritual, all women see the bride’s reflection in the mirror and shower her with gifts!

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