Friday, 23 October 2015

Winter Wedding Knocking At Your Door!

The romance of winter is almost upon us. This misty and cold season gives everyone an excuse to get cosy and cuddle up with each other a little more than usual. If it is a winter wedding you are gearing up for, then make sure that it is a soaring success, after all the chill and the ambience of this climate will do half the work! Christian weddings look like fairy tales in this weather. With white the usual colour of dominance, winters and our Christian wedding invitation cards add to the gorgeousness of the wedding.

Right from your wedding card designs to the décor’, let it all create a feel of beautiful wintry heaven that your wedding venue would turn into. In some parts of India, winters are all about a spell of harsh chill. If you belong to such areas then make sure that your party is all-indoors. In fact you can delight your guests with a beach wedding theme. Imagine their happiness at peeling off layers and layers of clothing and chilling in the warm surroundings and light beachwear! To pull this off, you will need heavy-duty heaters, sand, palms and an indoor swimming pool with heated water. Then just wait to see the delighted faces of the guests!
For moderately cold climate, you can throw an outdoor party. But make sure you have enough number of gazebos and Mediterranean tent like seating arrangement. Bonfires around the wedding venue would not only add to the warmth but also to wedding décor. Treat your guests with extra shawls and stoles that can double up as a thank you gift too. You can light up the area, trees and bushes with thousands of bulbs that will again add warmth to the chilly atmosphere. For a winter wedding, make sure the seats and sofas are really cosy with pillows strewn over every couch to add to the warmth. At the end of the wedding, give your guests a taste of snowfall. The machines that create snowfall can be hired at a very reasonable price and you just need it for a few minutes towards the end of the wedding. Those guests who have never seen a snowfall ever, are going to remember this super treat for all their lives!

Simple ideas and small details go a long way in creating magic in a winter wedding. It does not have to be dull and boring. Just like our cards, that strive to bring something different with each of the creations. Our Christian wedding cards are especially popular as they combine class and magnificence all together!

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Unique Wedding Guestbook Ideas For A Memorable Wedding

A wedding guestbook isn’t just a book that contains the list of people attending your wedding, if used innovatively it can become a memorable wedding souvenir that you can cherish for years. Though guestbook is typically a western concept, wedding guest book is an interesting idea to incorporate in your Indian wedding. It can be a sweet reminder of the people who graced your special occasion. King of Cards India Private Limited-the leading online store for wedding cards in Chennai and other parts of India brings to you some great wedding guestbook ideas to make your wedding memorable.

·         The type of wedding guest book you choose depends entirely on your style and taste. Find a guestbook that matches your wedding theme. Select the prettiest paper you can and have it embellished with semi precious stones and embossed with your names and wedding date. It’s your special day, so get as creative as you like.

·         Your wedding guest book doesn’t necessarily have to look like a book. Instead of using proper book, you can have beautiful notepapers and envelops for the guests to record their attendance on. You can even use a big sized replica of your wedding card and ask the guests to sign on it and leave their wishes for the couple.
·         Another fun idea is to have a beautiful glass jar and decorate it with anything you like, for example-beads, semi precious stones, ribbons etc. Ask your guests to write notes for the bride and groom; then collect those notes in that jar.
·         You can even think of some other unique ideas to keep the notes together like a string where guests can pin them up to. This will not just give you a memorable souvenir to remember but will also make your guests feel involved and important.
Wedding is one of the most beautiful occasions of a person’s life. So, don’t let your wedding memories fade away; preserve them by using the ideas above and you will surely feel happy, each time when you go through those beautiful notes. Like your wedding guestbook, your wedding invitation card can be another sweet reminder of the day you took those special vows, so make it something you can always remember; visit King of Cards India Private Limited and get the best wedding cards design with price.
At King of Cards India Private Limited, there is a wedding card for every need and budget. So visit- and find the best deals on all types of wedding invitation cards.

Some Common Features That Make Indian Weddings Unique

Weddings are a grand affair in India. No matter what the region, people love celebrating and enjoy weddings a lot. With varying cultures come varying wedding traditions, but there are some features which are common across all styles of Indian weddings. This blog by King of Cards India Private Limited- the leading wedding cards company brings to you some common features that make Indian weddings unique.
Here are the five ingredients quintessential to every Indian wedding:

1.      The Wedding cards: Wedding cards hold a significant place in Indian weddings. Whether, it is a Hindu wedding card or a wedding card of any other religion, the traditional roots are always preserved, for example religious symbols form an important element of Indian wedding cards.

2.      Traditional Music: Music trends have changed over the years, but traditional folk songs are an inevitable part of Indian weddings. They are sung using traditional musical instruments in praise of Gods, bride and groom. 

3.      Sumptuous food: No Indian marriage function is complete without an extravagant meal, and not to forget those specially prepared calorie laden boxes of sweets that can make anyone’ mouth water.

4.      Jewelry: Girls are given a very high place in Indian culture, so the best jewelry in gold and other precious metals and stones are prepared to make the girls look no less than goddesses on their wedding.

5.      Relatives from every part of the country: Indian weddings are occasions that are cherished by the entire family. Relatives from not just across the country, but those who live overseas also make it a point to be a part of family celebrations.

6.      Blessings: The forms and styles of Indian weddings have changed a lot over the years. Trends have seen gradual shift from strictly traditional weddings to contemporary weddings, but the thing that has remain unchanged is the special place of elders in the Indian weddings. No Indian wedding is considered complete without the blessings of the elders.

Regardless of differences in culture and regions, Indian weddings share some common features that make them so special. So, get ready for some fun and enjoyment this coming wedding season and for the best range of Hindu wedding invitation cards, or wedding cards of any other religion, visit King of Cards India Private Limited-India’s number one card company at-

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Take your Engagement Out!

Gone are the days when the limelight used to be only on the main wedding day. Now, the couples and their families strive to make all pre-wedding functions including engagement a grand affair to remember. Right from Ring ceremony invitation card to décor and menu is intricately designed, planned and executed. Thus it comes as no surprise that we are seeing bigger and better engagment ceremonies and parties. One trend that is doing rounds these days is the love for outdoors. And these outdoors are far from city traffic amidst green havens that border on rural and forest. Make your engagement a memorable one by taking it out in the open!

When the engagement is in woods there is a lot you can do. Especially if your engagement happens to be around dusk, then lighting can create a mesmerising effect. To help all that is loads of trees standing around! Hang unconventional pieces like glass kettles, globes or even tiny bulbs from the trees to give a spectacular effect. Overload one central tree with dazzling lights under which the cake cutting and ring ceremony can take place. If it is a day engagement then you can set up pretty gazebos all around. Curtain falling from the branches give that ethereal effect and when they enclose a seating arrangement, it is one sight to die for.

Add swings with flower garlands tied to them. If you happen to have a small water body in the property, hire a small paddle boat for guests to enjoy on. Keep the feel of the décor a liitle rustic with  irregular wooden boards showing the directions to venue and simple wood garden benches for everyone to sit on. Creating seating space on the ground will add that bohemian wild touch absolutely natural to the surroundings. For the couple we have one tip on this fun day. Keep your clothing comfortable since you are vulnerable to natural elements here. For thanking your guests, have some organic and natural thank you gifts. These could be a goodie bag of grooming products, bath products, combination of green teas etc.

Just like engagement invitation Cards  the possibilities for an engagement party are many. We at KOC create all our Indian Invitation cards with Indian sensibilities and tastes. Whether it is a traditional card or a contemporary one, we craft all our cards with lot of care and love!