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Significance Of Different Elements In Hindu Wedding Invitation Cards

Wedding invitation cards serve a very important role for your special day; it sets the tone for your wedding and gives information about your wedding to your guests. Apart from information pertaining to marriage functions, Hindu wedding cards-be it Tamil wedding card, or Gujarati wedding cards; contain some unique elements that make them special. Here is an informative article about different elements in Hindu Wedding cards, brought to you by King of Cards India Private Limited.

Religious symbols

Hindu religion is very unique and known for 33 Crore Gods and Goddesses. These Gods and Goddesses are considered sacred and worshiped before every auspicious event. The images of Hindu Gods and Goddesses are used on invitation cards in order to get divine blessings. Symbols like Swastik, Om, and images of Lord Ganesha, Radha and Krishna are printed on the front of wedding cards in order to get divine blessings. 


Colors convey different auspicious meanings in Hindu Weddings. Red is one of the most popular choices for wedding cards as it symbolizes love, prosperity and purity. Gold is another popular choice as it symbolizes prosperity and good fortune. Green, yellow, pink and white are also preferred by many people but black is avoided as it is considered inauspicious.


The choice of words for Hindu Wedding cards is kept generally kept simple. A ‘shloka’ is included in the beginning, after that all the information pertaining to marriage functions is given. Parent’s name is also mentioned with the names of bride and groom. 

These features on Hindu wedding cards reflect the beliefs and rich tradition of Hindu religion. A wide variety of all these special elements can be found in King of Cards India Private Limited's online collection, where you can choose any style of wedding card according to your style and overall wedding theme. 

King of Cards India Private Limited has the best selection of Tamil wedding cards, Gujarati lagna kankotri, Marathi Lagna Patrika, Kannada Wedding Invitations and other Hindu Wedding cards and cards of other religion that are known for their excellent design, superior quality and affordable rates.
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Indian Weddings-Unique Rituals That Happen Only In India

India is known for its unique customs and traditions, with each community having its own special wedding rituals.  In this article by King of Cards India Private Limited, which is India’s number one company for wedding invitation cards, you will read unique and interesting facts about Indian weddings that make them so special.

Tamil Brahmin weddings-Kashi Yaatrai ritual

Tamil Brahmin grooms perform a ritual where they pretend to be ascetic and suddenly disillusioned. The groom leaves marriage hall dressed in traditional attire. Father of the bride then persuades the groom to take up family life and marry his daughter.

Gujarati Weddings-nose pulling ritual

After all the wedding preparations, inviting the guests by sending traditional Lagna Kankotri; in a pre-wedding ritual, the groom visits his bride’s home to seek blessings. The bride’s mother gives her blessing to the groom by playfully pulling his nose.

Bihari Weddings-the test of endurance

In Bihari weddings, after the marriage ceremony is over and the bride reaches her in-law’s place, the endurance of a new bride is tested by placing huge earthen pots on her head. More pots are added to increase the difficulty level.

Tribal Weddings-abduction of brides

Ancient tribes in some parts of India follow ‘abduction ritual’, where the groom carries away his bride on his back and keeps her hidden somewhere for a year. After a year, they have a normal ceremony with the consent of the parents of bride.

Manipuri Weddings-Taki Fish ritual

During Manipuri Weddings, women from groom’s side and from the bride’s family release one Taki fish in a pond. It is believed that if the other fishes swim side by side in the pond; it brings good luck for bride and groom.

Different customs and rituals make our Indian weddings unique. Just like wedding customs, wedding invitation cards are also different for different styles of wedding. So, whether it is a Tamil wedding card or Marathi Lagna Patrika, contact King of Cards India Private Limited for the best wedding cards in India. Each and every card is a piece of art that will reflect your style and impress your guests.
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Thursday, 2 April 2015

Tips To Make Your Wedding Card Unique

During wedding season, we see different types of marriage invitation cards. Some invitations are like a breath of fresh air, completely unique and special in their own way, while others are too common. When you're sending out wedding invitations, while you do want your invitees to get all the details they need, what you really want is for them to receive a beautifully crafted invitation card that makes them feel special too. Here are some unique things you can include in your wedding card, brought to you by King of Cards India Private Limited.

Use objects, props or materials other than paper, such as wood or metal
This unique approach may cost more with potentially increased packaging and postage, but whether it will delight the recipients is not even a question. 

Use designer, sari border cards
Traditional sari &dhoti border concept with gold foil work on a cream pearl textured board is a popular option for Hindu marriage invitation cards. A real banyan leaf is attached with a traditional/ religious symbol pasted on it. The card is tied together with the inside pouch and inserts with a gold thread &tassel. There are borders on the inserts. The envelope is also made up of the same cream textured pearl board.

Use handmade cards for that personal touch
What better way to make your day special than to have a card that is specially made for you. Embellish your wedding with a card that is not just eco-friendly but also adds   to the ethnic charm with workmanship made unparalleled by the imaginations of its creators.

Use scroll cards instead of usual rectangular ones
An invitation card in the form of a scroll is reminiscent of the royal era. Scroll wedding cards look traditional and absolutely exquisite.

The Indian wedding card of today, be it modern or traditional, carries on the legacy of our customs to invite with God’s blessing and start the sacred bond of matrimony with full fervor and elegance. Make sure you make it special with the best selection of cards from King of Cards India Private Limited, which is one of the leading card manufacturers in India.

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Wedding Invitation Etiquettes-Tips To Invite Your Guests

Selection of wedding invitation cards is one of the most important steps of planning your wedding. The next important step, in fact a very important one is to give those cards to your guests. Now the question arises, what is the best way to invite your guests? Here are some of the important wedding invitation etiquettes one should remember, brought to you by King of Cards India Private Limited.

When to send?
Ideally, invitations should go out eight weeks before the wedding, this gives guests plenty of time to clear their schedules for the day and make travel arrangements if they are out-of-towners. Timely invitations also let you make the RSVP date earlier.

Make sure no one is missed out
It is a good practice to make a guest list prepared well in time so that no friend and relative are missed out. Wedding is a single time affair and forgetting any of the relatives or friends would be a blunder.

Why hand delivery is the best?
Hand delivery is usually the best option as this way, you will get to say a few words to each guest while you present the invitation and, most important, the invitation will not be overlooked. Hindu wedding cards were traditionally delivered by hand only.

How to send the cards by post?
Your invitation envelopes are the simplest but hardest-working members of your suite. Unlike its contents, which are printed en masse, the envelopes must be addressed individually, with careful attention given to name spellings, addresses and, of course, handwriting. Some of the important things to keep in mind while sending invitation by post are-Guests’ names should be written in full, with appropriate social titles, i.e. Mr. etc, the handwriting should be good and a good quality pen should be used.

Wedding ceremony can never be complete without the participation and blessings of the near and dear ones. Make them feel special by adding a personal touch to your invites and selecting only the best cards from King of Cards India Private Limited, which is India’s premier card manufacturer. Whether it is a Muslim wedding invitation card or a traditional Hindu wedding card, a wide range of cards is available in all styles and designs.

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