Thursday, 27 August 2015

Wedding Card Guide To Help You Choose The Best Printing Technique

There was a time when choosing wedding card simply meant going to a wedding card shop and choosing from the traditional designs, available with the dealer; but now times haves changed. Wedding card industry has seen many changes with new ideas, new technology and new influences.
So, here is an informative guide on choosing the best printing technique for your marriage invitation card, brought to you by King of Cards India Private Limited.

Digital Printing technique
In this technique tiny dots are used to create images and text. This is a simple printing technique that can be used on thin paper.

It is like a fancy paper cutter, which can be used to cut paper into any shape that you desire. Intricate designs can be made using this technique.

If you want your card to look classy and want to add royal elements in your card, then this printing technique is definitely for you. The images and texts created by this printing technique have a raised appearance and it really makes a text or pattern stand out. When you visit King of Cards India Private Limited for your marriage cards, you will see a wide selection of cards with beautiful embossing on it. If you want a specific element to stand out in your card, you can use this technique.

While embossing gives a raised appearance to the letters, Letterpress printing technique sinks them into paper, in a way that letter becomes imprinted.

Foil Stamping
In this technique a copper plate presses any design you want on your wedding card. Gold, silver or any other metallic foil can be used to create designs.

Choosing your wedding cards can be fun, if you equip yourself with some basic knowledge about cards. For more such articles on wedding cards, or to get the best Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, or Christian wedding cards online, visit King of Cards India Private Limited-the number one online card store at-

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