Thursday, 24 March 2016

Top Questions Regarding Destination Wedding Etiquettes

Times have changed. Today, there is no pressure on bride & groom to follow long traditional wedding customs. It’s their special day, so they are given complete freedom to celebrate it as they want. Whether, they want to tie the knot on the beach or wish to have a royal wedding in a palace, the entire decision is theirs. If you too are fascinated by the idea of destination wedding, there are some destination wedding etiquettes that you should be familiar with. Here are some questions regarding destination wedding etiquettes, brought to you by King of Cards India Private Limited-the best online wedding cards company.

Q.1    Who to send the wedding invitation?
Ans.   As a general rule, wedding invitation should be only sent to guests who are sure to attend your wedding ceremony. Travel cost is a big factor in destination nuptial, so be sure to ask your guests about their plans. Experts suggest that the wedding destination should always be chosen keeping everyone’s convenience in mind, after all, such a beautiful occasion cannot be enjoyed alone.

Q.2    How to ensure no one is left out?
Ans.   If you don’t want anyone to be left out then the best thing to do would be to hold a grand reception in your city. Invite everyone and make everyone feel special. You can find the best selection of reception; ring ceremony and wedding cards online that will make everyone feel special.

Q.3 Do bride & groom needs to contribute to wedding expense of guests?
Ans.   While, there is no obligation on bride and groom to bear the expenses of wedding guests, but if there is a close family member who cannot afford the expenses then it would be a great gesture to sponsor their trip. This will bring a smile on their face and earn the bride and groom lots of blessings.

Q.4   How to buy wedding cards for destination wedding?
Ans.  If you have decided to celebrate your wedding differently then why should your wedding card be boring? You can buy wedding cards online at King of Cards India and find the best selection of designer wedding cards to suit the theme of your wedding.

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