Monday, 25 April 2016

Some Simple Wedding Card Designs To Make A Big Impression

Sometimes simple wedding invitations are the best choice, when it comes to choosing your wedding invitation cards online. Today, we have exceptional online wedding cards companies, like King of Cards India that offer exquisite range of simple wedding cards for every theme, which will help you make a big impression. Let’s take a look at some simple wedding card ideas from King of Cards India Private Limited.
Maroon and gold scroll invitation
Maroon and gold scroll invitation cards are the perfect choice for Lagna Patrika or your royal wedding invitation card. They look very elegant with golden print and golden strings and have enough space to accommodate every important detail of your big day. The cards also come with a case to keep the patrika. These ethnic, traditional yet simple wedding cards are perfect for your big day and are sure to impress your guests.

Multi use contemporary invite in blue and simple
Simple, yet classy wedding card, with modern appearance and matte finish is a perfect choice if you don’t want a flashy wedding card for your wedding. The usage of Silver and blue on White background creates an impressive visual appeal. Paired with matching envelope in white with blue border and silver inscription, this card has a beauty of its own. If you want to buy this type of card or any other card of your choice, then visit King of Cards India, which is the best website to buy wedding cards online.
Invitation card with Lord Ganesha’s image
Nothing looks more beautiful than a beautiful image of Lord Ganesha`s face on the front of the card. The image of holy Ganesha, flanked by two mirror images of peculiar floral design is a visual delight. The envelope, with similar image of the God and one flowery design on the opposite diagonal end and bordered by a red strip, is the best choice for a traditional wedding.
Simple invitation card with peacock feather motif
Send peacock wedding invitations to your guests to set the right tone for your wedding. Peacock is a beautiful bird, which is a symbol of beauty, elegance and is associated with Lord Krishna. Beautiful card by King of Cards, with peacock motif and beautiful embellishments is sure to enthral your wedding guests.
Discover classic and timeless wedding invitations at King of Cards India. The stylish invitation cards from King of Cards India, feature tasteful designs and creativity of the designers. Beautiful borders, rich embossing and elegant fonts give them elegance and simplicity that will make your wedding unforgettable! Visit them at-

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