Monday, 25 April 2016

Beautiful Elements Of Muslim Wedding Cards, You Can Incorporate In Your Wedding Card

Your wedding invitation card is often the first impression your guests will have of the wedding ceremony, so it is important to choose wedding cards that reflect the theme of your wedding. With the online card providers, like-King of Cards India, finding the right style to reflect your wedding is simple. The beauty of Indian wedding cards is that they derive inspiration from various cultures and traditions. In this article by King of Cards India Private Limited, we will read about some beautiful elements of Muslim wedding cards that you can incorporate in your wedding cards.

Rich card Materials
Muslim wedding invitation cards use very rich materials, like velvet, silk, hand crafted papers, khadi papers or glossy papers that lend a royal elegance to their wedding cards. If you are planning to have a royal themed wedding, then choosing the materials that look rich is very important.

Predominance of green
Green is a colour, which is predominantly used in Muslim wedding cards. Other vibrant colours such as golden, red and blue are also used but they are blended with green. If you are planning to have a ‘green’ wedding, then you can use this colour as a base and then use gold or silver for patterns, motifs, content etc.

Attractive paisley designs
A prominent feature of Muslim wedding cards is the paisley patterns. Paisley borders with embellishments look very beautiful and instantly ups the appeal of even a simple wedding card.

Beautiful Calligraphy
Another very remarkable feature of Muslim Wedding cards is the beautiful calligraphy which is derived from the Mughal art. These days, you can find English fonts that are made to look like Muslim Calligraphy. If you are having a royal themed wedding then it’s a good choice for your wedding card.

Muslim wedding invitation cards are revered for their grandeur and elegance all over the world. So, what are you waiting for? Visit King of Cards India Private Limited to get the best intricately designed cards that offer the combination of tradition, art and creativity of the designers.

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