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Indian Weddings-Unique Rituals That Happen Only In India

India is known for its unique customs and traditions, with each community having its own special wedding rituals.  In this article by King of Cards India Private Limited, which is India’s number one company for wedding invitation cards, you will read unique and interesting facts about Indian weddings that make them so special.

Tamil Brahmin weddings-Kashi Yaatrai ritual

Tamil Brahmin grooms perform a ritual where they pretend to be ascetic and suddenly disillusioned. The groom leaves marriage hall dressed in traditional attire. Father of the bride then persuades the groom to take up family life and marry his daughter.

Gujarati Weddings-nose pulling ritual

After all the wedding preparations, inviting the guests by sending traditional Lagna Kankotri; in a pre-wedding ritual, the groom visits his bride’s home to seek blessings. The bride’s mother gives her blessing to the groom by playfully pulling his nose.

Bihari Weddings-the test of endurance

In Bihari weddings, after the marriage ceremony is over and the bride reaches her in-law’s place, the endurance of a new bride is tested by placing huge earthen pots on her head. More pots are added to increase the difficulty level.

Tribal Weddings-abduction of brides

Ancient tribes in some parts of India follow ‘abduction ritual’, where the groom carries away his bride on his back and keeps her hidden somewhere for a year. After a year, they have a normal ceremony with the consent of the parents of bride.

Manipuri Weddings-Taki Fish ritual

During Manipuri Weddings, women from groom’s side and from the bride’s family release one Taki fish in a pond. It is believed that if the other fishes swim side by side in the pond; it brings good luck for bride and groom.

Different customs and rituals make our Indian weddings unique. Just like wedding customs, wedding invitation cards are also different for different styles of wedding. So, whether it is a Tamil wedding card or Marathi Lagna Patrika, contact King of Cards India Private Limited for the best wedding cards in India. Each and every card is a piece of art that will reflect your style and impress your guests.
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