Thursday, 2 April 2015

Tips To Make Your Wedding Card Unique

During wedding season, we see different types of marriage invitation cards. Some invitations are like a breath of fresh air, completely unique and special in their own way, while others are too common. When you're sending out wedding invitations, while you do want your invitees to get all the details they need, what you really want is for them to receive a beautifully crafted invitation card that makes them feel special too. Here are some unique things you can include in your wedding card, brought to you by King of Cards India Private Limited.

Use objects, props or materials other than paper, such as wood or metal
This unique approach may cost more with potentially increased packaging and postage, but whether it will delight the recipients is not even a question. 

Use designer, sari border cards
Traditional sari &dhoti border concept with gold foil work on a cream pearl textured board is a popular option for Hindu marriage invitation cards. A real banyan leaf is attached with a traditional/ religious symbol pasted on it. The card is tied together with the inside pouch and inserts with a gold thread &tassel. There are borders on the inserts. The envelope is also made up of the same cream textured pearl board.

Use handmade cards for that personal touch
What better way to make your day special than to have a card that is specially made for you. Embellish your wedding with a card that is not just eco-friendly but also adds   to the ethnic charm with workmanship made unparalleled by the imaginations of its creators.

Use scroll cards instead of usual rectangular ones
An invitation card in the form of a scroll is reminiscent of the royal era. Scroll wedding cards look traditional and absolutely exquisite.

The Indian wedding card of today, be it modern or traditional, carries on the legacy of our customs to invite with God’s blessing and start the sacred bond of matrimony with full fervor and elegance. Make sure you make it special with the best selection of cards from King of Cards India Private Limited, which is one of the leading card manufacturers in India.

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