Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Incredible Features That Are Found Only In Muslim Wedding Cards

No matter what the religion, weddings are always celebrated with great enthusiasm. Muslim wedding, also known as ‘Nikaah’ is seen as a holy event, which marks the union of two souls by Allah’s blessings. Muslim wedding invitation cards or ‘Walima cards’ are an important element of Muslim weddings as they not just announce the wedding, but also set the festive atmosphere. In this article by King of Cards India Private Limited, we will read about some unique features that are found only in Muslim wedding invitation cards.

Invitation card Material

Choosing the right material for a Muslim wedding card is very important. Mostly hand crafted papers, khadi papers or glossy papers are used. However, with changing times modern couples are opting for other materials as well.


Green is considered an auspicious color in Muslim culture. So, it is a predominantly used in Muslim wedding cards. Other vibrant colors such as golden, red and blue are also used but they are blended with green.

Paisley designs

Paisley patterns are typically used in Muslim wedding invitation cards. Apart from that gemstones, beads, jewels, ribbons and laces are also used to adorn Muslim wedding invites. 


In traditional Muslim wedding cards, the language used is mostly Urdu, but now-a-days many couples use English language to convey wedding related information to their guests. Despite many changes, the basic tradition of including religious Urdu phrases still remains the same.

Religious Motifs

Religious motifs such as Bismillah, star and crescent, Allah are also included in Muslim wedding cards as they are considered auspicious.

Muslim wedding invitation cards are loved for their grandeur and elegance all over the world. Wedding Cards or Walima Cards herald the beginning of wedding celebrations. So, make sure you get the best cards for the most special day of your life; contact King of Cards India Private Limited for the best range of wedding invitation cards

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