Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Tilak- Amongst the first of many ceremonies to come

A Hindu wedding is conglomeration of various events and ceremonies. In older times, wedding meant celebrations spread over weeks but the toils of our times have turned weeks into days. The advent of a big fat Hindu wedding is marked by Tilak Ceremony. The relatives of the bride take Shagunin form of clothes, jewellery, fruits, sweets and loads of dry fruits to the groom’s home. This ceremony is widely observed in all of India; It is known as Pottu in Tamil and Malayalam, Teep in Bengali and Chenkai in some Castes.

The main ceremony has bride’s brother or father smearing tilak on Bridegroom’s forehead over a small havan. A specially prepared thali is also used to perform the aarti of Bridegroom. This function consecrates the upcoming marriage and seals the agreement of wedding between the families. However, you can find various minor differences in this ceremony from caste to caste and state to state.In earlier days, women were barred from this event but not today. In fact it is celebrated with a lot of pomp and show now. Stunning decorations and a huge feast is arranged at the groom’s end for this particular function. You can also find a large number of guests invited to this event these days.

We at KOC, have a wide array of Indian invitation Cards that can be used as invite to theTilak ceremony. Usually Wedding Cards mention Tilak ceremony, but you can have a separate invite forTilak and this way the Marriage Invitation card can remain exclusive. Amongst the Indian Invitation Cards it is customary to have a very rich and luxurious invite for wedding and little subdued one for other pre-wedding ceremonies like Tilak, god bharayi, sangeet and Mehendi. Some families prefer to have all these ceremonies included in the main wedding card itself.

Tilak ceremony marks the beginning of an auspicious bond not only between two individuals but also two families. This ceremony reflects the respect and blesses the families with a long lasting prosperity and happiness for life. A holy ceremony for the bonds of lifetime indeed!

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