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The Journey Of Indian Wedding Cards

Wedding invitation cards have undergone many changes from medieval to contemporary period.  The transition has been really very interesting. How the trend of wedding cards started, how people use to send invitations earlier, how the earlier cards were made-are some interesting questions the answers of which we all would love to know. So, here is the interesting journey of wedding cards, brought to you by King of Cards India Private Limited-the leading wedding cards manufacturer in India.
Oral invitations

Earlier wedding invitations were communicated in loud voice, by the royal family’s communicator to give information to all the people to attend the royal wedding celebration. The reason why wedding invitations were not sent out in written was due to the lack of reading and writing knowledge among people.
Earliest form of written invitations
Then as the time passed wedding invitations were engraved in caves and they were normally in verbal or written form. Invitations were generally written for king’s son or daughter’s marriage, which used to be a grand affair and the whole community used to be a part of it. Everyone from the area attended the grand, royal celebrations.
Improved form of invitations
As the knowledge of reading and writing became more developed and the human society became more civilized, the face of wedding cards changed. The priests, who had beautiful handwriting used to write wedding invitation cards for the royal family, inviting people to the grand celebration. Whether it was Christian wedding invitation cards or Hindu wedding cards, in all religions it was the priest/monk who wrote the wedding invitations.
Origin of envelops
The earlier forms of invitation cards were sent on horseback, no matter what the weather conditions. This gave rise to the need for outer envelope. This outer envelope kept the invitation safe.

The invitation has made it a long distance since the time they were written on caves. These days, you don’t even have to go to a physical shop to buy a wedding card. Whether you want a wedding card for a Hindu wedding, or a Christian wedding card, the wide collection of cards at online card stores, such as King of Cards India Private Limited give ample options to you to choose the perfect invitation cards to make your celebrations memorable.
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