Friday, 4 September 2015

Fun Ideas For A Muslim Wedding

The Muslim clan follows its religious principles as a guide to their lifestyle and conduct. Therefore it is all but natural that their wedding ceremonies also follow a strict set of rules and these rules are referred to as “halaal”. A typical Muslim Wedding invitation must desist the use of motifs related to animals or human beings. Similarly the wedding as stated by Prophet Muhammad should be simple and devoid of any excesses.

However, there is no reason why a fun element should not be added to the wedding celebrations within the lines of religious practices. Traditionally in a Muslim wedding, ladies and men sit separately. It is advisable to hire two adjacent halls with separate entrances to ensure this. This way both men and women can enjoy their own space without any constraint. Engage a witty speaker who imparts useful advice to the couple for their future but with load of humour which will amuse the guests and keep them engaged. Ask the guests to write funny messages for the couple and read them out ones all are collected. This sure would be a great way of spending the evening. These notes would also make for a great wedding souvenir for the couple.
Introducing bride and the groom through light hearted presentation by including their funny pictures over the years is also a good idea. Of course as far as the introduction of bride is concerned, it should be reserved only for the women’s gathering. These simple ideas help in breaking the ice and making the evening memorable for the couple, their parents and guests.

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