Thursday, 19 November 2015

Informal Engagement Party Made Happening!

Engagement parties are in and they are bigger than ever. We at KOC insist that the engagement invitation cards should also be eye catching and impressive just like the wedding. After all a grand affair deserves a grand invite. In our earlier write ups we have covered various ideas when it comes to a formal engagement party. Now we want to let you in on some tips to have an informal do for your friends. After all formal party is not half as much fun as an informal one!

Even though it is informal, make sure you plan it well. If the weather is conducive then you can have an elaborate lunch party. Winter makes for a great season to have a day time rooftop party. With an informal get together you can quirk up the d├ęcor and add loads of fun with games. Keep it cool with a nice themed dressing like pajamas 

 Make it colourful with cocktails and Sangria pitchers. Chilled beer is a must for a day party. Let the menu be different from the usual. Make sure you have a long list of finger food to be served. Introduce Lebanese and Mexican starters reduced to tiny pieces that are easy to eat and do not require fork, spoon and plate! Otherwise what is the point of having an informal engagement party? Have a live barbeque, it not only gives a rustic feel but a great aroma to your surroundings! Tiny burgers, tacos, nachos, shwawarmas also make for great and stylish finger food.

Naughty messages and funny toasts are great conversation starters. They also reveal a little something about the bride and groom. A game with racy questions to be answered in yes and no by the couple is also very popular. With elders not around this game usually goes quite wild! Think of quirky gifts like absolutely improper fridge magnets and such similar momentos as thank you gifts to your friends.
Let your ring ceremony engagement cards create a long lasting impression and give that responsibility to us. We suggest you keep separate sets of cards for your formal do and the informal one. Tell us to customise it and we will. We at KOC have a huge collection of cards for all your occasions, right from wedding to naming ceremony invitation cards. So step into our online portal and be delighted!

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