Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Choosing Your Wedding Card According To The Theme

New-age couples are very particular about every element of their wedding. From venue and decoration to invitation cards for marriage; every aspect is personally taken care of. Wedding invitation cards are one of the most important aspects of a wedding. Here in this blog by King of Cards India Private Limited, we are going to discuss how to choose wedding cards according to your wedding theme.

1.   Traditional Wedding:
For traditional weddings, there are many options available of King of Cards India-from two fold cards to scroll wedding cards, there are many options to consider. If you want to do things differently, then a good idea would be to go for a customized wedding invite with photograph of bride & groom on it. If you want your card to stand out, then give a skip to usual colours, like red or cream; try royal blue, turquoise, white and gold instead.

2.   Lavish wedding
To meet the grandeur of a lavish wedding, one needs to choose a card that reflects the mood of the wedding. Indian invitation cards with silver or gold embellishments are a great option to suit the theme. A trend which is fast catching up is sending goodies like sweets, chocolates etc with initials of couples on it.

3.   Royal Theme
Invite your guests in the same way the royals did, by sending regal looking scroll wedding invitation cards in beautiful boxes. You may even accompany your cards with dry fruits or sweets that your guests will absolutely love.

5.    Nature Inspired wedding
If you are planning to organize a nature theme wedding then you need to select the wedding cards accordingly. You can go for paperless invites or choose cards made of handmade paper. There are plenty of Indian marriage invitation cards available at King of Cards India to represent the theme of your wedding in the best possible manner.

Choosing an invitation card is one of the most important aspects of wedding planning. A good wedding card from a reputed online card store like King of Cards India Private Limited will not just give a beautiful start to your wedding but will also reward you by winning you praises from everyone.
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