Monday, 1 June 2015

A Special Keepsake with Special Wedding Invitation

Gone are the days when wedding invitations were sent along with a box of sweets or chocolates. These days’ couples are going out of their way for not only making their wedding special but also to make their Marriage Invitation Cards memorable. To stand out of the crowd a box of sweets is definitely not enough!
Well, we have simple ideas that suit varied budgets and give that ‘wow’ factor to your wedding invitation. What more, your guests will have a remembrance of your wedding invite with them always. Since Indian Wedding Cards are all about auspicious symbols, it makes sense to present silver items like Diya, Ganesha Idol or kumkum container along with the invitation card. These days ‘save the date’ is trending big time, so a quirky save the date card along with the main wedding invitation card can be given. You can model this card like a calendar, tea coasters, Keychains or put it in a re-usable photo frame!
Sending stoles in traditional colours, wineor perfume minis is also a great way to impress your guests. For your girlfriends, you can customise a basket of bathing accessories or makeup kit which will be treasured by them for sure. In today’s world you can find the vanity case for your guy buddies as well! If you have a theme in mind for the wedding then make sure you send across a gift in tune with the theme.
Pay special attention to package and wrapping of the invite. You can get customised bags with couple’s photograph on it and send the wedding invite in it. Just make sure you use vibrant colours to make the packaging look celebratory. Creating a basket to house Marriage Invitation Cards, sweets, chocolates and small gifts with a handwritten note is a wonderful way to say that you really want the recipients to be there on your special day.

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