Tuesday, 22 December 2015

The Great Wedding Shopping!

When it comes to shopping, nothing ever compares even closely to the madness and extravagance of shopping for an upcoming wedding. We at KOC help you with shopping for the choicest of designer wedding cards. Our collection conforms to latest trends and we are abreast of the needs of our clients. Whether it is traditional yet ‘statement’ cards like scroll wedding cards or contemporary ones, we have it all on our online portal. Well shopping for a wedding begins with cards and goes on like forever.
It is very important for the bride and grooms to shop smart. Just because the budget is big and so is the occasion it is easy to shop like crazies. However, mindless shopping can actually prove to be a burden later on when you realise half of the things you bought do not really have utility. The first important tip is to shop according to your likes and personality. In your wedding shopping, especially with clothing, do not try to impress all. Some girls like to buy clothes that they can wear easily after their wedding too and there is nothing wrong in it. It is not uncommon to hear young ladies discussing how they have never worn some of the dresses even after four years of marriage! Secondly make sure that you do not overdose on shades of a single colour. We know it is wedding but that does not mean you have only maroons, reds and magentas in your collection.
If you are getting all the dress material stitched then we recommend shopping only two to three months before the wedding. Imagine not fitting into your dress because you have either put on some pounds or lost them! That is one big danger if you shop too early. Shop for your jewellery ones you are done with clothing. This way you will be able to colour co-ordinate all of it. Discounts sound good but make sure the stuff is not sub-standard and do not buy something you were not planning to buy. This impulsive shopping can bloat your budget tremendously. Always take a look at the online shopping portals when choosing stuff, you might be able to land some hefty discounts and get some great ideas for shopping.
Keep these simple tips in mind as you foray into the unending world of bridal shopping. While at it, do order the cards of your choice. If style is your mantra and making a statement your habit, then take a look at our scroll wedding invitations and be mesmerised.

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