Saturday, 19 December 2015

Wedding Cards-Common Mistakes To Avoid

Hindu weddings are famous for their beautiful traditions. In Hindu weddings the entire family, from the junior most to the senior members are immersed in the preparation for the big day. Some are seen rehearsing their dance moves for the ceremony while the others are found busy with the wedding preparations. In such scenario, some important aspects like the wedding card design can be overlooked. Wedding card is an important element that should be chosen with care; so here are common mistakes to avoid while finalizing your Hindu wedding cards:
Incorporating too many colours in your card
Marriage is one of the most colourful events in a person’s life but incorporating too many colours into the wedding card will make it look very un-classy. Use a colour combination that defines your personal style the best and follow it thoroughly.
Spelling mistakes
Proof read your wedding card before getting the final prints. If you are writing the content for a Hindu wedding invitation card, ask for help from a friend or relative who has a good command over Hindi. Cross check every detail including the address, date, timing, names etc.

Not ordering extra copies
When ordering your wedding cards, make it a point to order a few extra copies as well. Wedding is an occasion which is meant to be celebrated with our loved ones, so you would definitely not want to miss out somebody. Be prepared in advance and order a few extra copies.
Adding too much information in your wedding card
Adding plethora of details will leave your guests confused and the important information may also get missed. Keep it short, simple and precise.
Relying on Postage
Instead of just relying on postage, use other mediums also to inform your guests, like-telephone, text messages, e-mails etc. Courier is also a good option, you have the tracking option available and you know exactly when your card will reach the recipient. Being dependent on postage will bring you in a big jeopardy.

Wedding card mistakes listed above may appear very trivial, but they can lead to big embarrassment. So, avoid embarrassment, take the help of invitation card design experts at King of Cards India Private Limited, or choose the best range of cards from their amazing collection of cards, by visiting them at-

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