Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Fun Wedding Transportation Ideas For Your Guests

Indian weddings are all about crazy antics and a lot of fun. Just like the Indian Wedding cards, Indian weddings have a lot of scope to do something amazing, fun and memorable at every ceremony. This time the ushering and transportation of guests caught our attention and we loved the way some ideas can make it loads of fun and frolic. Now Indians believe in “Atithi devo bhava” meaning guests are gods, and guests for a wedding are nothing short of the holy trinity! So making wedding special for them is of utmost importance whether it is their accommodation, food or vehicle.

If you are planning a wedding, do away with boring cars….if you really want to have them then go for vintage. At least a premium transport is sure to evoke some oohs and aahs from the mesmerised guests. Be innovative and opt for horse carriages. Be more innovative and get camel or ox carts, just like in villages! So that your guests are comfortable have mattresses in the cart along with luxurious cushions and bolsters. For the city folks, and ox cart is going to be a delightful experience. 

You can also hire a number of cycles with banners of the couple’s name and wedding. Decorate them with marigolds and super neon colours to add that quirky quotient to them. Let the guests who are willing make it to the main wedding venue by cycle. People hire buses for baraat, you can make it fun with insane messages on bride, groom and wedding. A double decker bus with open carriage is sure to be more popular than the conventional one. How about getting a tractor trailer to usher in your guests? It would definitely be more magnificent than the usual modes!

Weddings are all about getting creative and making heads turn. A lot of things are changing about the weddings in India. Compared to earlier times, weddings are less traditional and have a big fun element in them. There are also better arrangements considering professional services are available in this regard. We at KOC make shopping for Indian wedding invitation cards a lot of fun. Without stepping out of your home, you can buy Indian wedding cards online and what more, everyone in the family gets to join the fun of choosing the best!

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