Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Muslim Wedding Invitation Cards

Nikaah: From Walis to Walima.

A Nikaah – a Muslim wedding event is comprised of Muslim wedding cards, fun, meticulous decoration, ostentatious fireworks, delectable delicacies and above all, adherence to the prescribed Islamic rituals. It is wonderful to see the beginning of a life long journey of a couple in this manner. But it is not about the couple only. A Muslim wedding is also about two families coming together. This is where the roles of the two ‘Walis’ – the father of the groom and the bride, begin. As the heads of the two families they supervise the whole Nikaah. This is a serious responsibility but for the foodies, the main job of the Walis is to provide a memorable Walima i.e. dinner at the wedding reception.

During a Nikaah, the groom promises to be financially responsible for his wife, protect her from the troubles of the world, and support the family to the best of his ability.  He also promises to pay Mehr – the mandatory wedding monetary gift. On her part, the bride promises to take care of the family & possessions of her husband, and prevent needless expenses. The groom tries to convince the bride about his sincerity and capability as her future husband and the Qazi asks the bride if she is convinced about the promises made by the groom. The bride is free to say she is not convinced. However, if she feels the groom is sincere and capable, she will express her consent by saying “Qubool Hai” 3 times. This may look like a mere formality to the outsider but remains an essential part of the rituals of Nikaah. Once she consents, the Qazi conducts the remaining rituals and declares the bride and the groom as lawfully wedded husband and wife. After this its time for the fun-games, pranks and of course the Walima.

A Nikaah is a significant and exciting affair. It deserves Muslim wedding cards that are appealing, not mundane. To add to the shine of an upcoming Nikaah, contact us about your tastes & desires. We have many kinds of Muslim wedding invitation cards, you can choose any one or we would design something exactly along your needs. You can trust us - we have the expertise in providing custom-made Indian wedding invitation cards for all communities.

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