Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Wedding Invitation Mistakes You Should Avoid

Wedding Invitation Cards are one of the first things to be decided after wedding date. Members from bride and groom’s family sit together to select the perfect design, color and wordings for wedding invitations.
Although a lot of thought and discussion goes into selecting wedding invites, there are some mistakes that happen sometime and lead to embarrassment. Here are the top wedding cards mistakes to avoid at all cost.

1. Spelling mistakes
Misspelt names can be very annoying, so make sure you are spelling your guests’ names right.  If you are not sure about a person’s name’s spelling, you can call him/her up to confirm the same.
2. Not proof-reading the wedding cards
Before printing the whole set, it is very important to proof read your wedding card. With good online card stores, you can even ask for wedding card sample and proofread the details of the cards before you order the complete set.
3. Not printing some extra cards
Printing few spare wedding cards is a good idea. It can be helpful in case if you forget to include someone in your list. The last moment printing can be inconvenient for you. So, getting few extra cards is always a wise thing to do.
4. Not considering weather before including sweets
You must always consider weather or season before sending sweets in the invitation box. Summers can melt the chocolates and may even damage the card, while the rains can spoil the whole wedding invite. So, consult a card expert before you finally choose a wedding card.
5. Adding all the details in a single card
When you are happy, it’s very easy to get carried away and write things that may not be relevant. Including every little detail would crowd your invitation card, making your card look shabby. So, include only the important details about the wedding and just a few creative lines to add a hint of personal touch. Sometimes even creatively designed simple wedding cards leave a strong impression on the guest, so make sure you choose a good invitation cards company like King of Cards India Private Limited for that perfect wedding invitation.

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