Tuesday, 30 June 2015

All You Need To Know About Wedding Invitation Card Printing Techniques

Marriages are a grand affair in India. They are celebrated in various styles, depending on the customs and religious beliefs. Depending on the style of marriage, there are different styles of wedding invitations too; from creative themes to traditional designs; attractive colors to beautiful wordings, there is a huge variety of cards to choose from. Printing style also matters when choosing the wedding invitation cards. If you have no information regarding the printing techniques, used in invitation cards, this article by King of Cards India Private Limited-the leading company for Indian wedding invitation cards will certainly be useful for you.

Embossing : It is a method of printing, where portions of card or text matter are high-lighted and made to stand out with impressions. Emboss can be used along with other printing methods. It is mainly used in monograms, borders and for highlighting important text matter.

Electronic print: In this technique tiny dots in graphic form are used. The effect is the same as the normal printer, but the standard is high. This technique can be used in thin sheets only.

Die cutting: In this technique engraved metallic process is used to create impressed fonts or images. Steel knives are bent into custom shapes and mounted on wood blocks to create a die that cuts paper. This technique can be used for making outstanding invitation cards for marriage.

Foil stamp: In this technique metallic foil, pressure and heat are used to create shiny designs and patterns.

Offset printing: Also known as flat printing, this technique uses printing stamp or tool to print words or images.The final result resembles a digital and standard print.

Laser cutting: A new technique being used in designing invitation cards these days, where each invitation is cut with a computer controlled laser. It can punch out fine details such as religious symbols in Hindu marriage invitation cards or fine paisley designs in Muslim wedding cards.

Thermography: This technique utilizes heat for printing and causes text or graphic to be slightly raised from the substrate.

These were some of the best printing techniques used by leading invitation cards companies like King of Cards India Private Limited. An assortment of printing techniques, card materials and colors are used to deliver the clients the best invitation cards that stand out!

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