Monday, 8 June 2015

Baraat ceremony

Marriages spell the onset of a new life for a couple, a journey that unites two people and binds them together forever. And the start of this journey begins when the bride takes a procession of his cavalry of family members and friends to tie the nuptial knot to his special girl. The baraat ceremony is an event if great pomp and show that accompanies music, dance and brilliant celebration. The invite is already sent out on marriage invitation cards and as the groom surmounts his steed or carriage, he undertakes a journey to begin a new phase in his life.  Baraat is widely acclaimed as the most loved event during a marriage as it give everyone a chance to dress up and dance and revel. 

The procession led by close friends and family is a treat for the eyes and chance to regale in the jubilation, not to mention make the streets as the stage for some dancing. The opulence and extravagance afforded by the ceremony gives it a unique aura that reveals the happiness in bringing two hearts closer. The dancing and the fun continue for hours and as relatives dish out money to express their happiness, you can’t help finding them adorable. The baraat ceremony is also relevant from the bride perspective as the procession gives her enough time to beautify herself for the marriage. When the baraat finally reaches the bride’s place, it marks an auspicious event and the whole repertoire is welcomed by special gestures such as smearing of tilak, offering garlands and treating with delicious refreshments. 

Baraat ceremony is one of a kind Hindu tradition that occupies a big space in Hindu wedding cards. People go for customized tokens for folks invited in the procession that include a bouquet of sweets or small souvenirs. Marriages are all about bringing people closer and spreading the spirit of happiness and it all starts with sending the first wedding invitation card. So go ahead and pick your favourite design of Hindu marriage invitation card from the best ones at king of cards.

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