Thursday, 22 October 2015

Unique Wedding Guestbook Ideas For A Memorable Wedding

A wedding guestbook isn’t just a book that contains the list of people attending your wedding, if used innovatively it can become a memorable wedding souvenir that you can cherish for years. Though guestbook is typically a western concept, wedding guest book is an interesting idea to incorporate in your Indian wedding. It can be a sweet reminder of the people who graced your special occasion. King of Cards India Private Limited-the leading online store for wedding cards in Chennai and other parts of India brings to you some great wedding guestbook ideas to make your wedding memorable.

·         The type of wedding guest book you choose depends entirely on your style and taste. Find a guestbook that matches your wedding theme. Select the prettiest paper you can and have it embellished with semi precious stones and embossed with your names and wedding date. It’s your special day, so get as creative as you like.

·         Your wedding guest book doesn’t necessarily have to look like a book. Instead of using proper book, you can have beautiful notepapers and envelops for the guests to record their attendance on. You can even use a big sized replica of your wedding card and ask the guests to sign on it and leave their wishes for the couple.
·         Another fun idea is to have a beautiful glass jar and decorate it with anything you like, for example-beads, semi precious stones, ribbons etc. Ask your guests to write notes for the bride and groom; then collect those notes in that jar.
·         You can even think of some other unique ideas to keep the notes together like a string where guests can pin them up to. This will not just give you a memorable souvenir to remember but will also make your guests feel involved and important.
Wedding is one of the most beautiful occasions of a person’s life. So, don’t let your wedding memories fade away; preserve them by using the ideas above and you will surely feel happy, each time when you go through those beautiful notes. Like your wedding guestbook, your wedding invitation card can be another sweet reminder of the day you took those special vows, so make it something you can always remember; visit King of Cards India Private Limited and get the best wedding cards design with price.
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