Friday, 23 October 2015

Winter Wedding Knocking At Your Door!

The romance of winter is almost upon us. This misty and cold season gives everyone an excuse to get cosy and cuddle up with each other a little more than usual. If it is a winter wedding you are gearing up for, then make sure that it is a soaring success, after all the chill and the ambience of this climate will do half the work! Christian weddings look like fairy tales in this weather. With white the usual colour of dominance, winters and our Christian wedding invitation cards add to the gorgeousness of the wedding.

Right from your wedding card designs to the décor’, let it all create a feel of beautiful wintry heaven that your wedding venue would turn into. In some parts of India, winters are all about a spell of harsh chill. If you belong to such areas then make sure that your party is all-indoors. In fact you can delight your guests with a beach wedding theme. Imagine their happiness at peeling off layers and layers of clothing and chilling in the warm surroundings and light beachwear! To pull this off, you will need heavy-duty heaters, sand, palms and an indoor swimming pool with heated water. Then just wait to see the delighted faces of the guests!
For moderately cold climate, you can throw an outdoor party. But make sure you have enough number of gazebos and Mediterranean tent like seating arrangement. Bonfires around the wedding venue would not only add to the warmth but also to wedding décor. Treat your guests with extra shawls and stoles that can double up as a thank you gift too. You can light up the area, trees and bushes with thousands of bulbs that will again add warmth to the chilly atmosphere. For a winter wedding, make sure the seats and sofas are really cosy with pillows strewn over every couch to add to the warmth. At the end of the wedding, give your guests a taste of snowfall. The machines that create snowfall can be hired at a very reasonable price and you just need it for a few minutes towards the end of the wedding. Those guests who have never seen a snowfall ever, are going to remember this super treat for all their lives!

Simple ideas and small details go a long way in creating magic in a winter wedding. It does not have to be dull and boring. Just like our cards, that strive to bring something different with each of the creations. Our Christian wedding cards are especially popular as they combine class and magnificence all together!

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