Thursday, 15 October 2015

Zest up the flower Décor

Just like your marriage invitation cards, you can bring in twist to cliché and get them working fabulously for you on your wedding day. We have all seen the same old flower décor in all weddings and it is really passé now. But for those who love the blooms and really want them to create magic to that grand scene, read on and you might be able to pull a flower decoration coup on your big day!

Instead of those plain boring flower garlands hanging from everywhere, hang bulbs with an attractive flower inside. You can also have light weight miniatures of kettles hanging down from the ceiling with a mini bouquet inside each of them. Use a flower band around the plate if your wedding has a sit-down dinner. Create huge life sized centrepieces out of bouquets and place them around the venue; these bouquets ooze a lot of class and sophistication. Make your wedding flower themed by distributing gajras and flower crowns to your female guests. For the men a simple rose to be tucked in the pocket would be nice addition.

You can also use heavy flower decoration with some lace knots around the serving tables. A latest trend of having photo booths can get a lot of attention with attractive photo frames using exotic flowers. Usually a satin strip is used to decorate chair back, there is no stopping you from using matching or contrasting bouquets to do the same. Another simple yet genius of a trick is to create flower chandeliers, you can use a group of single flower strands or small bouquets for the effect! On the lobby or narrow passage to the wedding venue or mandap, have a pathway of flowers with bouquets on either side lining the entire passage.

Just like your wedding décor should create wows, we go to limitless efforts to get that wow response to your invitation cards for marriage. Our cards come in numerous themes, designs and so please the sensibilities of one and all. For e.g. our Hindu marriage Invitation cards boast of traditional motifs and also contemporary feel. So whatever be your choice or taste, step into our online portal and be delighted!

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