Thursday, 15 October 2015

Take your Engagement Out!

Gone are the days when the limelight used to be only on the main wedding day. Now, the couples and their families strive to make all pre-wedding functions including engagement a grand affair to remember. Right from Ring ceremony invitation card to décor and menu is intricately designed, planned and executed. Thus it comes as no surprise that we are seeing bigger and better engagment ceremonies and parties. One trend that is doing rounds these days is the love for outdoors. And these outdoors are far from city traffic amidst green havens that border on rural and forest. Make your engagement a memorable one by taking it out in the open!

When the engagement is in woods there is a lot you can do. Especially if your engagement happens to be around dusk, then lighting can create a mesmerising effect. To help all that is loads of trees standing around! Hang unconventional pieces like glass kettles, globes or even tiny bulbs from the trees to give a spectacular effect. Overload one central tree with dazzling lights under which the cake cutting and ring ceremony can take place. If it is a day engagement then you can set up pretty gazebos all around. Curtain falling from the branches give that ethereal effect and when they enclose a seating arrangement, it is one sight to die for.

Add swings with flower garlands tied to them. If you happen to have a small water body in the property, hire a small paddle boat for guests to enjoy on. Keep the feel of the décor a liitle rustic with  irregular wooden boards showing the directions to venue and simple wood garden benches for everyone to sit on. Creating seating space on the ground will add that bohemian wild touch absolutely natural to the surroundings. For the couple we have one tip on this fun day. Keep your clothing comfortable since you are vulnerable to natural elements here. For thanking your guests, have some organic and natural thank you gifts. These could be a goodie bag of grooming products, bath products, combination of green teas etc.

Just like engagement invitation Cards  the possibilities for an engagement party are many. We at KOC create all our Indian Invitation cards with Indian sensibilities and tastes. Whether it is a traditional card or a contemporary one, we craft all our cards with lot of care and love!

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