Thursday, 22 October 2015

Some Common Features That Make Indian Weddings Unique

Weddings are a grand affair in India. No matter what the region, people love celebrating and enjoy weddings a lot. With varying cultures come varying wedding traditions, but there are some features which are common across all styles of Indian weddings. This blog by King of Cards India Private Limited- the leading wedding cards company brings to you some common features that make Indian weddings unique.
Here are the five ingredients quintessential to every Indian wedding:

1.      The Wedding cards: Wedding cards hold a significant place in Indian weddings. Whether, it is a Hindu wedding card or a wedding card of any other religion, the traditional roots are always preserved, for example religious symbols form an important element of Indian wedding cards.

2.      Traditional Music: Music trends have changed over the years, but traditional folk songs are an inevitable part of Indian weddings. They are sung using traditional musical instruments in praise of Gods, bride and groom. 

3.      Sumptuous food: No Indian marriage function is complete without an extravagant meal, and not to forget those specially prepared calorie laden boxes of sweets that can make anyone’ mouth water.

4.      Jewelry: Girls are given a very high place in Indian culture, so the best jewelry in gold and other precious metals and stones are prepared to make the girls look no less than goddesses on their wedding.

5.      Relatives from every part of the country: Indian weddings are occasions that are cherished by the entire family. Relatives from not just across the country, but those who live overseas also make it a point to be a part of family celebrations.

6.      Blessings: The forms and styles of Indian weddings have changed a lot over the years. Trends have seen gradual shift from strictly traditional weddings to contemporary weddings, but the thing that has remain unchanged is the special place of elders in the Indian weddings. No Indian wedding is considered complete without the blessings of the elders.

Regardless of differences in culture and regions, Indian weddings share some common features that make them so special. So, get ready for some fun and enjoyment this coming wedding season and for the best range of Hindu wedding invitation cards, or wedding cards of any other religion, visit King of Cards India Private Limited-India’s number one card company at-

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