Monday, 8 February 2016

Marriage Invitation Cards

You know love is in the air when Valentine's Day is just a few days away. The lovey-dovey time of the year when people feel the romance and the warmth that the day brings makes a lot of young hearts flutter. Life seems beautiful with romance in the surroundings which infatuates the lovelorn couples. With such onrush of felicity in the environment, people tend to get romantic and wish to cherish the feeling of having someone special in their lives. And that brings people to the most important decision of their lives; to get married. Every year we witness thousands of people saving Valentine’s Day as the day they want to tie the knot.  

However, if your wedding date is not in the month of February, you don’t have to lose heart as you can always resort to planning your wedding on the Valentine wedding theme. So, for all those who are getting married on 14th Feb and those who are not, valentine theme is the perfect way to celebrate the festival of love on your D day, with your twin flame. Since Valentine’s Day is all about love make sure that your d├ęcor reflects everything love stands for.   Choose the colour theme in either red or pink. Fuchsia pink has of late reined the trends and since it complements both gold and silver, you can pick this beauty instead. For upholstery, pick heart shaped couches and Rose petal shaped cushions and for the wedding flowers go for red, pink and white roses. You can dress up your escorts either as cupids or if you go for pink or red attire. For a cordial welcome, greet the guests with a red rose, chocolates and red wine. For a plusher look order a chocolate fountain. Of all the things, the food should not lack behind and must contain aphrodisiac dishes. The table can be decorated with candles, flowers and love symbols. 


The most important thing in planning a Valentine’s Day themed marriage is the wedding invitation card. You can’t go wrong with this quintessential wedding ritual. Make sure that your marriage invitation card adheres to theme and has intimated the guest regarding your theme. King of cards has an awesome collection of theme based cards which are not only boast of great design but have also come in awesome quality. So you can be sure that your prized Valentine’s Day themed wedding card would be preserved by people for ages. You can order customizations according to your wishes and also add your photos along. There is also the option of sending Valentine goodies along with the Indian wedding cards. So you can be sure that your Valentine themed marriage would be a love filled one.

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