Monday, 15 February 2016

Interesting Rituals In Indian Marriages

An Indian Hindu wedding follows the cultural and ancient rituals that were penned own in the Vedas. The reason that the Hindu wedding is based on principles found in ancient scriptures is because they are considered to be the repository of wisdom and an important event such as marriage must have substantial foundation to its roots. Since marriage is called the meeting of two hearts as well as two families, it is important that people understand its cultural significance. Therefore, there are a number of traditions and customs that can be tagged to the Indian Hindu wedding ceremony. These traditions are the essence of the marital bond, hence strengthening the significance, fidelity and faith in the relationship of two individuals. The complexity of an Indian Hindu marriage mainly stems from the many rituals performed basing on the Vedic practices and hymns. 

Kanyadaan is one such ritual in a Hindu wedding ceremony that makes it vital in any wedding as it marks the transition of parents. It marks the change of how a man evolves from being father of the bride to being the one who gives away his daughter to other family. This is the moment when his beloved daughter becomes the wife of another man. Kanyadaan is performed by the bride’s father on the wedding day during the mandap ceremony. If the father’s bride is not present in the ceremony then the Kanyadaan is done by an elderly relative or any important member of the family. As per the rituals, the bride’s father entrusts the right hand of the bride to the right hand of the groom, thus signifying trust and commitment. Post this, gangajal or holy water is used to sanctify this ritual amidst the Vedic hymns recited by the priest. 

In this ritual, the father gives her daughter as a gift to the groom and since the groom is considered a form of Lord Vishnu, the father considers it an honour for the parents of the bride. As a symbol of acceptance, the groom touches the right shoulder of the bride, promising to take care of her and accepting her as his better half. Kanyadaan is a beautiful ritual that reinforces the idea of love and selfless relationships.
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