Monday, 1 February 2016

Muslim Wedding Etiquettes-Tips For Guests

It’s wedding season round the corner. May be this time, you have got Muslim wedding invitation as well from one of your dearest friends that has left you wondering about the things to be kept in mind when attending a Muslim wedding. While, like every wedding, Muslim weddings are full of fun and celebrations, they are unique with their special customs and traditions. So, here are some basic Muslim wedding etiquettes that will help you be the perfect wedding guest.

The Most Important Role of the Wedding Guest
Expectations of wedding guests may seem cumbersome, but in reality the more relaxed you are the better guest you will be. Equip yourself with the knowledge about the customs and traditions; you will have no difficulties at all.

Wedding Attire
Follow the dress code given in the Muslim wedding invitation card given to you by your friend. If no dress code is specified, you can use the following tips to dress up appropriately. Dress modestly if you want to fit in with the crowd. A long Kurti with palazzo, kurti with salwar or a Full sleeves dress with no cleavage would be appropriate for the women attending wedding. Men can wear formal suits to the occasion. Basically, it’s always good to ask the host if you are not sure of what’s appropriate and what’s not.

Be Punctual
Arrive on time to both the ceremony and the reception. If you are travelling in an unfamiliar area, always ask your friend for the directions, much before the wedding as he/she might not be available to talk on that day.

Say Thank You
Don’t forget to meet the couple before you leave. Greet their parents, too. You might also think about writing a thank you note to the couple for giving them an opportunity to be a part of such a beautiful wedding.

Wedding rituals will be mentioned in the Muslim wedding card. Try to know more about those rituals by researching the internet, or simply ask your friend. This will help you to go better prepared and enjoy the wedding. So, keep the above tips in mind and enjoy the unique customs of Muslim Weddings.

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