Friday, 26 February 2016

Unique Ideas For A Truly Special Wedding

Wedding is probably the biggest event of a person’s life. No matter what the religion, they are always celebrated with lots of fun and excitement. Indian weddings are full of fun and festivities, just like every wedding, but their unique customs and traditions make them very special. If you are going to have a wedding soon, King of Cards India-the leading provider of wedding cards online in India, presents to you few brilliant ideas that will illuminate your marriage and make it truly special for you and your guests.

1. Decide your wedding theme in advance
Deciding a wedding theme is the best way to start your wedding preparations. If you have a clear idea of your wedding theme, you can make your wedding look creatively unique. You can use special colour schemes, visual elements or anything that can add your personal touch to your wedding. Possibilities are unlimited, just decide what you want or discuss your ideas with a professional. For example, if you want a particular theme for your wedding card, then you can discuss various wedding card designs with the experts at King of Cards India. You will be surprised with the choices you have there.

2. Set a surprise game
You can plan a surprise game during your wedding. For example, you can have a game that involves couple dance; or a karaoke competition to keep you guests busy and make them feel involved.

3. Have picnic style seating instead of tables and chairs
If your are planning to have a outdoor wedding and there is enough space at the wedding venue, you can arrange for a picnic style seating instead of formal seating arrangement. It will give your guests ‘pickniky’ feeling and make your wedding more enjoyable for them.

4. Photo booths.
You can set photo capturing booths where your guests will leave their photos with special messages for you that will become a valuable part of your wedding album. Interesting; isn’t it?

5. Glittering arrows to direct guests.
Place sparkling arrow signs on way to exact location of wedding, directing your guests from here to there. This is sure to make your guests happy and your wedding venue beautiful.

Don’t forget to choose an equally unique wedding card to go with your theme. For the best selection of wedding cards, whether Hindu wedding card, Muslim wedding card or Christian wedding card, always trust King of Cards India Private Limited-the leading provider of wedding card online.
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