Friday, 26 February 2016

Designer Wedding Cards Or Plain Traditional?

Design is an important element of every wedding card. Though, the wedding cards serve the purpose of inviting your guests and letting them know the important details regarding the wedding, the design definitely plays an important role in setting the theme and tone of your wedding. While these days, you can easily find traditional Hindu wedding invitation cards in various designs and themes, many couples are going for designer wedding cards. Though, the choice of wedding cards is definitely influenced by the personal taste and wedding theme, many couples find it very confusing. To make the choice easier, here is an informative article, brought to you by King of Cards India-the leading online wedding cards provider.

Find a designer card that combines traditional elements
While there are many designer cards available in physical and online cards store, finding a truly original and innovative design should be your priority. Find a creative wedding card that combines contemporary designs with traditional elements. For example, when selecting a Hindu marriage invitation card, you can opt for a card that uses contemporary colour combinations like-silver and yellow, and has Hindu symbols like ‘swastika’ or ‘om’ on it. You may even experiment with wedding card shape and other design elements.

Consider the paper stock
After you have chosen the design, consider the paper stock. It will serve as a nice quality base for your wedding invitations and will bring out the design in a beautiful form. For traditional scroll wedding cards you can even consider elegant materials like velvet or silk. 

Why modern couples prefer designer wedding cards?
It makes your guests feel special. Your specially designed marriage invitation card signifies that your guests are really important to you. It has to be extraordinary to respect the magnitude of the event. An innovatively designed wedding card will make your guests excited about your wedding.

Where to find the best designer wedding cards?
When it comes to choosing your wedding cards, always choose someone who has a variety of designs with quality workmanship. King of Cards India is the one stop solution for all your wedding cards needs. From royal scroll Hindu wedding cards to designer wedding cards; traditional Muslim wedding cards to handmade wedding invitations; you get the best wedding cards designs and themes to make your wedding an affair to remember.

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